Student Fires Up Grill Cleaning Business

HIGH POINT, N.C., July 3, 2014 – Jack Willett, a rising sophomore at High Point University, has a blazing passion for business and entrepreneurship. This summer, he’s launched his own business, Grill Guys, that offers grill cleaning and polishing services to customers in the southern Connecticut area.

Willett, a strategic communications major and native of New Canaan, Conn., credits HPU in giving him the confidence, communication skills and entrepreneurial spirit necessary to start his own business.

“To say HPU has had an impact on my entrepreneurial and work skills is an understatement by a mile,” he says. “They have truly molded me and given me the tools I need to succeed.”

Co-founded by fellow New Canaan High School graduate Sam Vos, the start-up company has already seen a steady increase in clientele, in part due to Willett’s tactful marketing techniques.

Willett acknowledges numerous professors at HPU who taught him how to think outside of the box and instill a passion for learning – all of which are essential in launching a new venture, he says.

During a Human Communication course taught by instructor of communication Kristina Bell, Willett learned how to truly critique his own work. He now utilizes this skill with Grill Guys, working to identify and solve problem areas where labor and efficiency can be improved.

“Jack’s strong work ethic, determination and professionalism continue to impress me,” says Bell. “His ability to set goals, meet deadlines, communicate effectively and evaluate his own work critically — all of which we emphasize in the Qubein School of Communication — will get him far in life.”

“Opening my own business means everything to me, and it has shown me that I am way more capable of succeeding than I ever thought possible,” says Willett.

The rising sophomore says there may be plans to expand his business to the Piedmont area of North Carolina in the future.

Grill Guys customers can receive a full two-hour grill cleaning service for $50. For more information, contact

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