Business Major Earns Experience at Wealth Management Firm

HIGH POINT, N.C., Aug. 22, 2014 – Garrett Gaudioso, a junior at High Point University, learned what it takes to plan for a steady financial future during a summer internship with Money at Work LLC, a private wealth management firm.

The business administration major from Randolph, New Jersey, interacted with multiple clients on an daily basis while reviewing their financial goals and helping them track their progress. He also conducted research on the performance of stocks, bonds and mutual funds to ensure that clients are in the best position for success.

Gaudioso even conducted his own financial plan and created goals for the future during his internship. He says the experience has changed his career aspirations, and that he is inspired to potentially open his own business one day based on the wealth management skills he has learned.

“My career aspirations are to be working at either a Wealth Management firm or in medical sales,” he says. “I really enjoy face-to-face interaction and have grown up with a sales mindset. My father is in medical sales, and he has taught me the importance of a sales pitch. With my internship at Money at Work, I have continued to realize the importance of a sales pitch whether I am pitching a new investment strategy to my boss or a financial plan to a customer.”

Gaudioso credits his coursework at HPU for giving him the knowledge and confidence to excel in the business environment.

“In multiple instances, I have used skills I learned in business communication, project management and accounting in order to complete my daily tasks. Since professors use real world examples in the classroom, it helped me have an easier transition when applying the skills I was taught at HPU to my internship.”

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