Career Advisor Helps College Graduates Transition to Workplace

High Point University HPU Melniczek

HIGH POINT, N.C., Sept. 8, 2014 – The transition from college to the real world can be a challenge, but Eric Melniczek, career advisor at High Point University, recently helped college graduates in a development program with a Fortune 500 company get off to the right start.

This summer he provided a presentation, “Transition to the Real World,” at the Accelerated Development Program for Ingersoll Rand at its world headquarters in Davidson. The company gathered more than 50 recent college graduates in its selective program to learn how to have a successful entry into the work environment.

Melniczek shared practical guidance, such as the mindset of college versus the world of work, how to network with work colleagues their age and older and how to handle finances.

“By understanding the transition from college to the workforce, students will be able to thrive in their post-graduate careers,” Melniczek says. “This includes doing some things that aren’t included in a company’s employee handbook, such as understanding how to stand out in a crowd, how to get promoted, finding a mentor, volunteering to do work others won’t, demonstrating initiative – these are all necessary for success.”

Melniczek’s career guidance is regularly sought for publications and presentations, and many of his tips for recent graduates are included in his book, “Transition to the Real World.” The book features stories, tips, statistics and advice aimed at 20-somethings.

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