Top Social Media Accounts for Students

Every day on the High Point University campus, there are hundreds of events, classes, projects, contests and more going on. If you want to get involved, staying up to date with the latest happenings at HPU can be a challenge. So how do you keep up with all-things-HPU? For those interested in getting their updates through square photos, timeline feeds, or 140 characters at a time, here’s a list of the top 6 HPU social media accounts that you need to follow:

Official HPU
Campus Concierge
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1. HPU Dining



Did you know that HPU Dining has had a cupcake decorating class, a taste of campus fair, a superbowl party, a popcorn bar, and nutella day all since the start of the semester? Follow them to be sure that you never miss out on something tasty!

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2. Career and Internship Services Group

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Our stellar career and internship office helps you make the most out of your LinkedIn experience by posting job opportunities that come through their office and other advice in their group on LinkedIn.





3. Recreation Services

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Okay, let’s face it: Spring Break will be here before you know it. And soon after comes shorts and bikinis and lots of things that get you moving. Get in shape with Rec Services’s FitFriday workouts, bootcamps, and group fitness classes. And don’t forget to check out who is named the Player of the Week for intramural sports!







4. Purple Reign

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The Purple Reign is the student section for all HPU Athletics games. Leading up to and on game days The Purple Reign posts reminders, pictures, and videos to pump up Panther fans.









5. Our City/Our University

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With over 100 passport partners sometimes it can be hard to keep up with offers and special events going on around High Point! “Our City. Our University.” is your connection to the businesses in High Point that make extra efforts for our extraordinary High Point University students!







6. Study Abroad



With over 40 programs for HPU students to study abroad, you won’t miss any opportunity to get some global inspiration from current HPU students abroad. Be sure to check out the pictures from their photo contest!


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