HPU Gives 1,500 Members of the Community Free OTC Medication

HIGH POINT, N.C., April 1, 2016 – High Point University, NC MedAssist, High Point Community Foundation and High Point Seventh-Day Adventist Church gave more than 1,500 members of the community free over-the-counter medication today at the HPU Community Center. The organizations hosted the third Over-the-Counter Give Away Day for those in need of medication in the High Point area.

Thousands of dollars in medication was distributed, including items such as allergy relief, pain relief, indigestion relief, cold medicine, first-aid and vitamins.

“This event is very beneficial because I am able to get medication for not only myself, but for my children and grandchildren that are struggling to make ends meet,” said community member Mike Branning. “I think this event is one of the greatest things that these organizations have done; it is wonderful that all of these people can get this help. I am very grateful for what these organizations are doing.”

Bio-medical ethics students and faculty in the Congdon School of Health Sciences and Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy offered consultations for community members to discuss which medications they needed. Incoming HPU pharmacy students that will begin classes in fall 2016 traveled from their home states to volunteer at the event as well.

“I traveled three hours this morning to volunteer at this event,” said incoming HPU pharmacy student Kali Hollingsworth. “I think it is really exciting that the university brought us here to do something like this before classes begin in the fall. This is going to make an impact on the High Point community in such a positive way, and I am happy to be a part of it.”

The event also helps ease the burden for those who are making the choice between buying food or purchasing medication for themselves and their family.

“This event is such a great thing because people that may not be able to take care of an allergy or a headache are now going to have that ability,” said Dr. Jordan Smith, assistant professor of clinical sciences at HPU. “Some people don’t have enough money to purchase both medication and food and are having to make that difficult choice between one or the other. Hopefully what we are doing today is going to provide these families some relief. We are grateful that the community wants us here and wants our help with this. We are happy to volunteer.”

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