Students Present Research at Fourth Annual Symposium

HIGH POINT, N.C., April 18, 2016 – High Point University’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works continued their tradition of showcasing HPU student’s research projects at the fourth annual High-PURCS. This event brought together more than 130 students from various majors to present research to fellow students, faculty and staff.

The projects that students presented covered a vast array of topics including gender equality in the workplace, knee injury prevention, bacterial resistance to antibiotics and lowering anxiety in adults through narrative medicine. They presented their research as scholars in oral, poster and theatre presentations, as well as an art exhibition.

“This conference is an opportunity for students to showcase their work here on campus so HPU students, faculty and staff can witness their professional development and gain a glimpse of tomorrow’s future leaders, artists, writers, scientists, teachers, and scholars,” said Dr. Joanne Altman, director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works. “These projects are also the springboard for our students to careers. The high-impact practice of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works helps students develop those critical skills needed for graduate and professional schools, and what top employers are looking for.”

Two research awards were presented during the symposium. Gabrielle Hayes won the best oral presentation for her project titled, “Methylglyoxal Potentiates the Effect of Linezolid Against Staphylococcus aureus,” and Matt Slitzky won the best poster presentation with his project titled, “Resveratrol alters the rate of calcium incorporation during early bone development in Danio rerio.”

“It’s such an honor to be able to present my research at HPU because all of my colleagues and friends on campus can see what my mentor, Dr. Patrick Vigueira, and I have been working so hard on,” said Hayes. “Presenting at an interdisciplinary conference like this has provided me with experience communicating research to a broad audience. The skill to be able to translate complex research to people outside your field will be one that will prove extremely beneficial in the future.”

Oral presentations included:

Taylor Coakley – “Perspectives on Language Diversity in the American Workplace”

Elyse Stoner – “Bridging the Gender Equality Gap in the Workplace”

Tomeshia Spriggs – “A Change is Going to Come: Looking at Racism Then and Now”

Connor Whicker – “The Influence of Hip Strength on Landing Kinematics Across Functional Tasks in Adolescent Athletes”

Hailey A. Parry – “Midsole Stiffness Influences Plantar Loading During Double Leg Landings in Basketball Players”

Jamie K. Schnuck – “Leucine Stimulates PPAR Signaling Promoting Mitochondrial Biogenesis, Oxidative Metabolism, and GLUT4-Mediated Glucose Uptake in Myotubes”

Gabrielle Hayes – “Methylglyoxal Potentiates the Effect of Linezolid Against Staphylococcus aureus”

Samia Ladner – “Excess Power Index: A Sexually Dimorphic Trait in Bees”

Tyler Wilson – “Amoxapine: A Novel Beta-lactamase Inhibitor”

Kingsley Floyd – “The Enfreakment of Disability: An Examination of Disability Narrative in American Society”

Nicole Forman – “#RapeCultureIsWhen: The Role of Popular Media in Normalizing Rape Culture”

Jose San Miguel – “Beautiful Terror: Negative Capability and the Burkean Sublime”

Morgan Ellis – “Recuperación de espacio: implicaciones políticas de Festival Internacional Santiago a Mil”

Olivia Scarboro – “Urban Art, Graffiti, and Politics in Valparaíso, Chile”

Christine Rickert – “San Juan y los Espacios Prohibidos para la Mujer”

Tyler Cook – “L2 Reading Anxiety, Working Memory, and Reading Comprehension in College Spanish Students”

Abbie Starns – “Effect of Generalized Anxiety and Social Anxiety on Sensitivity to the Universal Facial Expressions”

Jessie Drew – “The Effects of Narrative Medicine on Anxiety”

Calla Telzrow – “Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis and Antimicrobial Assessment of a Plant-Derived Cyclic Peptide”

Matthew Iczkowski – “HPU’s Chip ‘n’ Ship and NASA Micro-g NExT Program Experience”

Hallie Stidham – “The Macrorheological Properties of Agarose as Compared to Human Lung Mucus”

Johanna Platt – “Five Generations Co-existing In The Workplace For The First Time in History”

Anne Dillon – “Workplace aggression: Preventing, Managing, and Minimizing Its Effects”

Bridgett Hess – “Intercultural Negotiation: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as a case study”

Natalie Ward – “Black Narrativity: Expressions of Black Womanhood”

Anne Dillon – “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Reflections of Gender in Disney’s Animated Feature Films”

George Malonoukos – “Waves and Radiation”

Mary Kyner – “Understanding the Cry of Dereliction: Jewish Lament In Mark’s Passion Narrative”

Nicole Wright – “Combinatorial Effects of Manuka Honey and Fosfomycin on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus”

Ivy Cocklereece – “Cloning, Expression and Analysis of SpoIIID from Clostridium sporogenes”

Harris Coley – “Xanthophyll De-epoxidation and Shade Acclimation in Leaf Tissues with Abaxial Versus Adaxial Anthocyanins”

Noah Coates – “The Effects of Narrative Medicine on Mental and Emotional Health on Geriatric and Pediatric Patients”

Mollie McKinley – “Soul and Body: Katherine Philips and the Divided Self”

Megan Painter – “Homoeroticism in the Male versus Female Gothic”

Carla Rosas – “They Smile Just Like Us: Images of the City and Ordinary Lives in Suite Havana”

Griffin Spencer – “Mexico City and Those that Fight Without a Ring”

Liz Polowczyk – “La Nueva Ola Fronteriza: Art and Music as a Way to Transform the Culture of Violence and the Use of Public Space in Juarez, Mexico”

Lauren Rubenstein – “Who is Blamed the Most? An Investigation into the Factors that Affect Amount of Blame Attributed to Victims of Crime”

Rebecca Dornan – “Perception of Schizophrenia among college age students”

Nicole Bayeur – “The Immediate Impact of Dance Activity on Stress, Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy”

Grace Giberson – “A Review of the Comparative Study of Domestic and International Adoption”

Manuela Moreno – “A Review of the Psychological Implications of International Adoptions on: Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Child”

Annie Johnson – “Utilizing Psychological and Motivational Factors of Volunteers to Increase Retention of Volunteers”

Hannah Hewitt – “A Cross-Cultural Comparative Research Study on Education and the Workplace”

Greta Hilberts – “If Charter Schools Or Public Schools Have A Greater Impact In Socioeconomically Challenged Areas”

Mary Torres – “Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde As A Colonial Text”

Theatre and dance performances included:

Madeleine Casadonte, Shelby Desmarais, Nicole Drinkwater and Peyton Senning – “Daylight”

Danielle Criss, Madeleine Casadonte, Cydney Hamilton, Deja Ross, Amanda Rossi and Paige Unni – “Do You See Me?”

Peyton Senning, Madeleine Casadonte, Alanna Meek and Paige Unni – “Trois Trésors”

Poster presentations included:

Haley Richter – “The Burmese Refugee Community in High Point North Carolina: An examination of Employment, Familial Structure, and Acculturation”

Maria Schur – “How Does Having A Smaller Work Environment of 50 Employees Affect Internal Communications?”

Natalie Ward – “Modern Mindfulness: An Exploration of Mindfulness at the Deep River Sangha”

Kimo Manning – “Understanding Complications to Childhood Literacy Development”

Katherine M. Van Wert – “Relationship Between Navicular Drop and Lower Extremity Kinematics During Functional Tasks Across Sex and Maturation”

Emma Zuk – “Sex Specific Influence of Hip Strength and Range of Motion on Landing Kinematics Across Maturation”

Joshua Baulch – “The Identification and Sequencing of Ichneumonids in Local North Carolina”

Nicole M. Bayeur – “The Effects Of Clouds and Canopy Shade On Photosynthetic Carbon Gain In Nothofagus menziesii and Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides”

Jeff Berwager and Sarah Ebersold – “Potential Estrogenic Effect of Epigallocatechin Gallate’s on Early Zebra Fish Development”

Nick Bittner and Alexandria Cedrone – “The Exploration of DNA Binding Proteins in Clostridium Species using iChIP”

Micah Branscomb – “Intra- and Inter-rater Reliability of Proximal, Shaft, Distal, and Total Metatarsal Bone Mineral Density”

Rodrigo Catalan-Hurtado – “Analysis of the DNA Binding Characteristics of GerE from Geobacillus stearothermophilus”

Zoey Chittick – “Genetic Traits behind Pericarp Pigmentation in Weedy Rice”

Taylor Cunningham – “Characterization of a Newly-recognized Mannose-6-phosphate Receptor Domain in Atg27 and Its Role in Autophagy”

Edem Dzotefe – “The Interaction of Antimicrobial Therapeutics with Amoxapine, a Commonly Prescribed Medication”

Sarah Edmark – “Methylglyoxal Sensitizes Bacillus oleronius to Topical Antibiotics”

Margaret Essepian and Ally Kane –“ Morphological and Ecological Study of the Crane-Fly Orchid (Tipularia discolor)’

Lucas K. Fogaca – “Digit Ratio Is Unrelated To One Mile Running Performance In Males And Females”

Hillary Wilson, Casey Garr and Christina Budzinski – “Exploring Methods in Art-Driven Science Outreach’

Michael Gladhill and Mackenzie Jarvis – “An Investigation Into the Effects of Genistein and Estradiol on the Proliferation of Breast Cancer Cells”

Melissa Hernandez – “The Effects of Cloud Cover on Microclimate and Plant Physiological Processes”

Kristina Jansen and Harrison Seitz – “Classification of Mahonia Plants from the Mariana Qubein Arboretum Using DNA Barcoding”

Mary Clare McGinn – “Investigation of the UV Sensitivity and Photoenzymatic Repair Capabilities of Daphnia magna and Daphnia lumholtzi’

Thomas Moss – “Identification Of A Mammalian Equivalent For The Autophagy-Related Yeast Protein Atg27’

Elesa Poteres – “Use of Power Line Corridors By Flower Visiting Beetles and Bees”

Jimmy Rager – “17β-estradiol increases the rate of skeletal calcium incorporation during early development in Danio rerio”

Steven Safille and Carter Lohman – “An Occurrence of Ectopic Intrathoracic Liver in a Cat”

Matt Slitzky – “Resveratrol alters the rate of calcium incorporation during early bone development in Danio rerio”

Maria Trujillo – “Mapping the sorting signals of the cytoplasmic domain of Atg27”

Maria Valverde – “In Vitro Analysis of Transcription Repression by GerE during Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis”

Halley Watson – “Comparison of Ambystoma maculatum and Ambystoma opacum Population Genetics in the Uwharrie Mountains of North Carolina”

Matthew Beck – “Role of Rac1 on Cell Migration in ATM Deficient Cells”

Eliana Betzios – “The Role of Tat-SF1 in the Insulin Signaling Pathway”

Sarah Colbert – “Novel Patterning Techniques of Vapor-Deposited Au Thin Films onto Polymeric Substrates”

Jennifer R. Marshall – “Extending the Substrate Scope of the Chan-Lam Cross-Coupling Reaction Using Photoredox Catalysis”

Luis Royo Romero – “The Functionality of Chloroform to Improve the Adhesion of Au Thin Films onto PMMA”

Rebecca Ulrich – “Probing the Structure-Activity Relationship of Escherichia Coli Extracellular Death Factor”

Jacquie Cafasso – “Understanding Undergraduates’ Writing and Research Longitudinally”

Kathryn A. Farina – “Physiological Responses to Lower-Body Positive-Pressure” Treadmill Running – “A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”

Lacey Gould – “Effects of Intrinsic Foot Strength and Step Rate Manipulation on In-Shoe Maximum Force in Recreational Runners”

Michele A. Johnson – “Β-Hydroxy-Β-Methyl Butyrate Stimulates Anabolic Signaling With Suppressed Markers Of Lipid Oxidation In Skeletal Muscle”

Rolonda Kelly – “Plantar Loading During Gait Significantly Correlates To Metatarsal Bone Density”

Lauren B. Mantikas – “Validation Of A Wearable Jump Sensor During Live Volleyball Competition”

Scott. D. Morin – “Forefoot Loading With Step Rate Changes in Recreational Runners”

Colleen Mulrey – “The Relationship Between Limb Dominance Determination During Jumping”

Hailey A. Parry – “Osteocalcin does not Induce Regulators of Insulin Signaling or Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Vitro”

Matthew C. Siegmund – “Normative Values and Asymmetries in the Agility T-test in High School Soccer Players”

Lindsey J. Siska – “Do pregnancy and childbirth improve elite marathon performance? An analysis of available evidence”

Mandy Szymanski – “Repeated Mild Heat Stress Reduces Inflammatory Signals and Carbohydrate Metabolism Bias in C2C12 Myotubes”

Lindsay Tiberi – “Sex Differences in Metatarsal Bone Density and In-Shoe Load Distribution in Recreational Runners”

Kaitlyn E. Wright – “Relationship between Intrinsic Foot Muscle Strength and Standing Broad Jump Performance Across Stages of Maturation”

Allie Zambito – “Relationships Between Leg Body Composition and Mass Distribution to Running Economy in Male Distance Runners”

Shakira Ramsey – “Do Actively Participating Members in High Point University’s Sales Club Gain Soft Skills in Conjunction with Selling?”

Emily Dwyer and Alicia Wingate – “The Effect Of Super Bowl Advertising OnPurchase Intent”

Catherine Bakewell – “El Barberillo de Lavapiés: Zarzuela as the Spanish Voice”

Hannah Shaheen – “The Work Of Environmental Nonprofits: Their Struggles And Successes”

Abbie Dorfman and Allie Herrmann – “A Post-Positivist Qualitative Study of

Philanthropic Donors to Appalachian Ohio – Revisited”

Olivia L. Dineen – “Comparing is Performance and Side-To-Side Asymmetry of the Forward, Medial and Lateral Triple Hop Tests”

Samantha G. Tripp – “Multi-Sport Athletes Exhibit Less Lower Extremity Valgus than Single-Sport Athletes”

Allison Townsend – “Performance Changes in Adolescent Soccer Players after an ACL Injury Prevention Program”

Thomas Boudreaux – “New Long-Period Hot Subdwarf Binaries from the Hobby-Eberly Telescope”

Nick Kasle – “Motion of a Ball on a Board Tilted about Two Axes”

Amiras Simeonides – “Apparatus for Study of Coriolis Forces”

Alan Vasquez – “There And Back Again?: The Disappearing Pulsations Of CS 1246”

Sarah Bishop – “Rekindling: Coming Back to the Good and the Bad”

Abbie Starns – “Perception of Mental Illness”

Elizabeth Ezzell – “The ICAB: Development and Validation of a Test for Oddity”

Jordan M. Izzo – “What Rekindling Says About the Self: How an Individual’s Self-Concept Relates to On-Again/Off-Again Relationships”

Brittany Vose – “An Examination of the Relationship between Metacognition and Mindset”

Mitchell Lawhorn – ‘Gaskell’s Vision of Empowering Women during the Salem Witch Trials”

Alexandra Mauch – “United States Institute For Theatre Technology- Tech Olympics”

Art exhibits include:

Molly Couick – “The Easily Forgotten”

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