Class of 2016 Outcomes: Tyler Wilson Conducts Research in New York


With another successful commencement behind us, recent High Point University graduates are preparing to commence prestigious career paths around the world at Fortune 500 companies, international service programs, public school systems, top-tier law, medical and graduate school programs, and many other esteemed organizations thanks to their journey at HPU. Here’s a glimpse of one extraordinary senior from the Class of 2016:

Name: Tyler Wilson

Hometown: Hawthorne, New Jersey

Major: Wilson graduated with a B.S. in Biology on May 7.

Post-graduation plans: Wilson accepted a position as a Research Technician in the Biology Department at the University of Rochester in New York. In his position, Wilson will be part of a research team that studies how cell division impacts tissue development.

How HPU helped you get there: “The opportunities that HPU has given me have been imperative to my success. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have become very close with many professors and faculty in my department. These relationships not only provided me with a stimulating experience in the classroom, but allowed me to pursue other opportunities that I otherwise might not have been given.

Most impactful mentor at HPU: “While there are many people I would like to give credit to, I have to say the person who had the biggest impact on me at HPU was Dr. Patrick Vigueira. Starting when I met him on the first day of Microbiology class, he has pushed me to learn and grow as a scientist. He taught me how to think critically and ask questions that I otherwise may not have thought to ask. His guidance allowed me to grow as a person and an academic, and we sure had a lot of fun in the process!”

Most impactful moment at HPU: “Pursuing undergraduate research definitely has made the biggest impact on me during my time at HPU. Before starting college, I would have never dreamed that scientific research was right for me. Now, it has become a passion that I cannot imagine myself not doing. This experience helped shape me into the person I am today and has laid the groundwork for the person I want to be in the future.”

Advice for underclassmen: “Put yourself out there and pursue opportunities that might make you uncomfortable. The best way to grow is to do something that you never thought you would do. Take advantage of the vast resources that HPU has to offer, and use them to market yourself as an educated and experienced person.”


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