Junior Interns at Rochester Electronics

HIGH POINT, N.C., Sept. 22, 2016 – HPU senior Kat Norton spent the summer in her hometown of Newburyport, Massachusetts, as a human relations intern with Rochester Electronics.

In her role, Norton was not only involved in various human relations projects but also helped to coordinate other interns and met with them biweekly to discuss their personal projects within the company and what they hoped to accomplish.

A business administration major, Norton says that HPU helped prepare her for the summer internship.

“I took a few business management courses last semester that focused on working in the ‘real world,’’’ says Norton. “We would discuss certain situations during class so it was really cool to see those situations play out in the work place.”

Norton says that one professor especially helped in preparing her for the time she spent with Rochester Electronics.

“I took sales in dynamic environments with Professor Randy Moser,” says Norton. “He taught me to stay calm for interviews and how to be as confident as I can. He was also great at creating scenarios and acting them out with other students and myself.”kat norton 2

Norton says that the best part of her internship was presenting with the other interns to all the department heads and co-presidents of the company at the end of the summer.

“The interns and I all had individual projects within our specific departments but we also worked on a group project together,” says Norton. “We created a ‘recruiting tool’ for the company which is basically a display that tells the story of why interning at Rochester Electronics was such a great experience. They can now use it at college fairs to recruit other students for future internships.”

Norton says that most importantly, her experience taught her about the relationships and dynamics that form in a work place – lessons that she plans to apply in her final year at HPU.

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