Junior Interns with Calvin Klein

HIGH POINT, N.C., Sept. 8, 2016 – Over the summer, High Point University junior Lexi Becer took a step toward becoming the woman she’s always dreamt she could be. Becer, a strategic communication major, interned with Calvin Klein in New York City.

The Oakland, New Jersey, native took part in Phillip Van Heusen’s summer internship program and, after multiple interviews, was placed with the Calvin Klein global marketing team.

Becer’s daily responsibilities included social media marketing, monitoring Calvin Klein’s Fall 2016 campaign and focusing on digital advertising. Another key component of the summer internship program was a group project in which Becer took part.

“There were eight teams that focused on eight different cross-functional topics in order to develop a proposal and presentation for PVH on a specific topic,” says Becer. “Unlike previous years, interns in the 2016 class participated in a competition with two rounds of judging.”

Junior Lexi Becer, fourth from left, poses with her team on the day of finalist presentations for the PVH competition.

Becer, fourth from left, poses with her team on the day of finalist presentations for the PVH competition.

Becer’s team made it into the final round of competition, presented alongside one other competing team and eventually won. As a winner of that competition, Becer was given the chance to present her proposal in front of the CEOs of the company on Aug. 4.

“The finalist day was life-changing for me,” says Becer. “Having the opportunity to speak in front of such a large, important crowd has only led me closer towards becoming the person I have always wanted to be.”

Aside from winning the competition, Becer says that the day-to-day work done at Calvin Klein was what really made her internship an incredible experience.

“My favorite part of my internship was being so excited every morning to walk into an environment that I truly felt a part of and enjoyed learning about,” says Becer. “I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have been a part of such an amazing program.”

Becer says that while the internship taught her a lot about herself, it also helped her realize the ways that HPU had prepared her for her summer with Calvin Klein

“HPU helped me learn that you do have to work on group projects and present proposals in the business world all while knowing your audience,” says Becer.

Having returned to campus for the start of her junior year, Becer is bringing back lessons that she plans to use at HPU.

“My internship helped me learn that practice can make perfect and that I should never limit myself,” says Becer. “Overall, I am honored to have had experience in the fashion industry and to have discovered my niche.”

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