Class of 2017 Outcomes: Lacey Gould Begins Career at LabCorp, Pursues MBA at HPU


Name: Lacey Gould

Hometown: Clemmons, North Carolina

Major: Gould will graduate as a Exercise Science and Biology double major with a minor in Psychology on May 6.

Post-graduation plans: Gould has accepted a job with Laboratory Corporation of America as an IT Product Specialist and Technical Marketing Manager. As LabCorp transitions to a more digital system for providing lab results and scheduling appointments, she will manage patient feedback and determine the most effective methods for bringing about maximum patient participation in the new technology. Gould will also be pursuing an MBA from HPU beginning in the fall of 2017.

How HPU helped you get there: “While HPU has given me a multitude of incredible opportunities for growth and leadership ranging from working alongside talented professors in the classroom to allowing me to challenge myself in Honors courses, I firmly believe that my research experience through the Exercise Science department was the determining factor in my landing this new position at LabCorp.

I have presented different research projects at three well-known conferences including the National American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference, the American Society of Biomechanics Annual Conference, and the South Eastern American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference. I have also presented research at High-PURCS and during family weekends. Aside from my own personal academic research, I have worked as a research assistant at the Human Biomechanics and Physiology Laboratory for almost 2 years, and I have served as the Clinical Coordinator for HPU’s first NIH grant. The experience I gained from these roles has allowed me to be a competitive, well-rounded applicant for the position at LabCorp, and all of my interviewers were genuinely impressed with the opportunities afforded to me through High Point University.

The Career and Professional Development office was also instrumental. At the beginning of my senior year, I desired to continue my education by pursuing a Master’s degree in exercise science, however, as the year progressed, I transitioned to having a desire to begin working in a professional environment. With my new dream of starting a career in a science-based company, I met with Career Services and Doug Hall helped me identify companies in which I may be interested. He also showed me how to utilize the many functions of networking within LinkedIn. Ultimately, after searching the internet and job sites for months, my personal connections aided in securing a phone interview with LabCorp.” 

Most impactful mentor at HPU: “It is difficult to choose my most impactful mentor at HPU as I have done research under many inspiring and dedicated professors within the Exercise Science department who have all helped to mold me into the student I am today. With that being said, I have worked with Dr. Kevin Ford since the beginning of my sophomore year, and it is the skills that I have gained through assisting his research that I will take into my new position. I met Dr. Ford through a one-credit “Introduction to the Lab” course that met once a week for a few hours. Each week, we learned about a different piece of equipment in the laboratory and designed a mini experiment utilizing that piece of equipment.

Although this was only a 1-credit course, Dr. Ford’s teaching style fostered analytical and critical thinking skills, and I began taking research credits with Dr. Ford during the fall of my junior year. I presented my first research poster at National ACSM in Boston, MA in June 2016 about the effects of cadence on foot pressure in recreational runners- a project completed under the direction of Dr. Ford. During the summer of 2016, our first cohort of athletes enrolled in and kickstarted our study funded by the NIH that aimed to analyze the effects of biofeedback on preventing ACL injuries in female soccer players ages 9-19. I was chosen to take the role of Clinical Coordinator, so I began working alongside Dr. Ford to learn about coordinating biofeedback, scheduling, filling out accurate NIH/NIAMS reports, and tracking monthly injury surveillance for our athletes after they completed the 6-week training program. I have continued working in this role during the school year, and I plan on maintaining this role until graduation.

Along with my work in the biomechanical side of research, I began working with Dr. Roger Vaughan during my senior year on a project that aimed to analyze the effects of physiologically attainable caffeine doses on different aspects of metabolism. I also became involved in another one of Dr. Vaughan’s projects that ultimately resulted in coauthorship of a manuscript published in a scientific journal called Lipids about the effects of a metabolite of Leucine known as HMB on mitochondrial biogenesis and lipid oxidation. While Dr. Ford taught me how to be an effective biomechanical researcher, Dr. Vaughan taught me how to be successful in the wet lab using biomedical techniques like Western Blot and qRT-PCR. Although these fields of research differ greatly, the experiences I have gained from both of these mentors and their research have transformed me into the dedicated, analytical student that I am today.”

Most impactful moment at HPU: “One day following an Introduction to Health Science class during my freshman year, Dr. Sara Arena asked me if I would be interested in being one of the first students to enroll in the “Introduction to the Lab” course. I enthusiastically stated that I wanted to take part in this new class, so Dr. Arena gave the department my name. Because it was this one-credit course that initiated my undergraduate research career, I have identified this moment as my most impactful moment at HPU.”

Advice for underclassmen: “I would advise underclassmen to not be afraid to reach out to their professors in order to find ways to get involved. If a professor does not have any direct opportunities for a student, it is likely that they have connections to friends or colleagues who may be able to offer other opportunities. Furthermore, I would encourage underclassmen to use all of the resources that HPU has to offer- utilize Career Services as much as possible as they are ready and willing to assist any student in reaching their goals. On a different note, underclassmen should not let worrying about the future interrupt their enjoyment of social activities offered through HPU; making connections in all aspects of undergraduate life is important, so I would advise any and all underclassmen to simply be grateful for their time spent at this amazing university.”


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