‘Twas the Night of HPU Community Christmas

Brianna Beard

On most days, Brianna Beard would identify herself as a High Point University junior majoring in elementary education. However, during HPU’s annual Community Christmas Celebration, she prefers to be known as Brianna the Bus Elf. 

Each year, High Point community members, neighbors and friends come together for two free nights of Christmas cheer on HPU’s campus. They visit Santa, take a ride on the Polar Express, dance in falling snow, enjoy free food and much, much more. But, before they can enjoy the lineup of festivities, guests must first board complimentary shuttles for a ride to campus. Aboard these shuttles, guests are greeted by bus elves who not only spread cheer, but also share facts about the evening and brief guests on what to expect upon their arrival. 

During last year’s annual event, Beard boarded her bus with an original poem in hand. Written by Beard, the poem explains the events of Community Christmas to guests during their ride. Read below, and enjoy. 


‘Twas the Night of HPU Community Christmas
By Brianna Beard

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all throughout school

People walking outside, thought the weather is cool.

Community Christmas, ah yes, what a sight!

Filled with nutcrackers, Santa and holiday lights!


Here are some announcements to ensure you have fun

And do lots of great things before the night is done!

If you’d like to know who, how, when, where and why,

Please download our app: this link doesn’t rhyme:



It gives you all the info you need to have Christmas cheer,

The length of lines, changes of times, it’s the best app of the year!


The weather on campus is as cold as Jack Frost,

So here’s another thing – we don’t want you to get lost!

If you still need a map at the end of this ride,

Take one as you leave, I’ll be right outside!


Speaking of the outdoors, and the cool, crisp, fresh air

We are a non-smoking campus, it’s only fair.

For the health of our students and beloved community,

If you do need to smoke, exit the gates of the university.


If you are like me and love to eat food,

You’ve come to the place where hot chocolate is brewed!

And if you’d like some hot dogs, the right place to enter

Is in the wonderful Millis Athletic Center!


Now who is the man we all love to see

When it’s December and you buy your Christmas tree?

It’s Santa of course – who could be better?

You can go and visit him in the Slane Student Center!


HPU loves the High Point and Triad community

It’s true – that’s why we call ourselves your university!

100,000 hours of volunteer service

Is what we accomplish in a year full of purpose.


And 100,000 visitors we attract to this city

Because we love it so much and our campus is pretty!


Again, I’m Brianna and our driver is Miss Betty,

If you’d like to attend more HPU events – get ready!

You can sign up for our emails list – VIP!

You’ll be the first to know about events like these.


So come one, come all to Community Christmas!

There’s nothing that rhymes with that, so Merry Christmas!


Watch Brianna perform her poem below:

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