HPU Holds ‘Signing Day’ for Say Yes Scholarship Recipients

Pictured are High Point University’s 2018 Say Yes and First Generation Scholars, all of whom hail from local high schools. From left to right are Clara Primus, Japheth Soto, Blen Kidane, Henna Khan and Geneva Harrison.

 HIGH POINT, N.C., May 10, 2018 – Athletes are honored during signing days for their achievements and commitment to play at a university level. Today, in celebration of their commitment to continuing academic success, High Point University honored five Triad high school students with full-tuition scholarships and a signing day-style ceremony.

HPU awards five Say Yes Scholarships annually, three of which are presented to Guilford County Schools graduating seniors, and two of which are presented to first generation college students from the city of High Point. This year’s recipients are:


Henna Khan – High Point Central High School

Blen Kidane – High Point Central High School

Clara Primus – High Point Central High School

Japheth Soto – Early/Middle College at UNCG

Geneva Harrison – The Academy at Smith


High Point City Council members, Guilford County Board of Education members, representatives for Say Yes Guilford and community members filled the event today to celebrate the achievements of these soon-to-be high school graduates and freshmen at HPU.

“As top student-athletes have signing events and press conferences that garner major attention, we wanted to honor our five scholarship recipients in the same way – they deserve it,” said Joe Cristy, director of undergraduate recruitment at HPU. “All of the talented young people that we celebrate today have accepted scholarships worth more than $146,000 each under the umbrella of the Say Yes to Education program. All five scholarships over the next four-year period are fully funded by High Point University, a wonderful commitment by President Nido Qubein to the students in our city and in Guilford County.”

Carlvena Foster, Guilford County commissioner, former Guilford County Board of Education member and a leader on the HPU scholarship committee, said the scholarships and HPU provide an opportunity for students to become heroes.

Carlvena Foster, Guilford County commissioner and member of HPU’s Say Yes Scholarship Committee, delivered the keynote address to the scholarship recipients and community members at today’s luncheon.

“Your choice to attend High Point University makes you an active hero in your life,” said Foster. “Heroes are smart, strategic, resourceful, humble, determined and meet challenges head on. Heroes recognize that they cannot win by themselves. So, they carefully align themselves with the best partners and allies. In your case, High Point University is your best partner – your ally. This university is academically stimulating with well-versed, enthusiastic professors, plenty of resources, supportive services and opportunities in cutting edge facilities on a very beautiful, breathtaking campus. This university will provide experiences and support that can help you develop a more solid sense of self, refine your individual talents, help build your character and confidence, and provide an outstanding education to further equip you for your chosen purpose.

“The win is not always easy, but in the end, heroes come out on top,” Foster continued. “As you matriculate here, I encourage you to hold on to the same excitement you experienced when you first visited this campus. Hold on to the excitement and joy you experienced when you were told you’d been accepted. And hold on to the excitement you felt when you learned you’d received this scholarship. Holding onto these excitements will keep you grounded and working with vigor throughout your time here to achieve that remarkable education that will allow you to obtain your life goals and confirm you hero status.”

“When I first got that call letting me know that I was a recipient, I was in shock,” said Primus. “The full-tuition, fees and books all paid for four years – it’s such a blessing. High Point University has always been my first-choice school. I’m grateful that they picked me, and I plan to make everyone proud. It’s the perfect match because I want to stay in High Point; it’s my home.”

In addition to joining a university focused on academic and professional excellence, the Say Yes Scholarship recipients are also enrolled in HPU’s Bonner Leader program. The national program funds students to serve as volunteer coordinators at local nonprofit organizations. In these roles, students are able to strengthen the High Point community while also gaining valuable skills.

“We’re not just giving these students scholarships to come to High Point University. These scholarships are an investment in the city,” said the Rev. Dr. Joe Blosser, Robert G. Culp director of service learning at HPU. “These recipients are part of the Bonner Leader program because it puts them out in the community 300 hours per year doing service at nonprofits. We are bringing them into a family, and part of being a family means taking responsibility for the community that you live in. We’re all going to be out there working in the community. These five leaders today aren’t just going to be scholars in the classroom, but you are going to see them out working with a variety of nonprofit partners.”


About the recipients:


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