HPU Students Host Special Pops Halloween Dance for Community Members

HPU’s Student Council for Exceptional Children partners with the city of High Point’s Parks and Recreation department each year to host the Halloween Special Populations Dance for people with disabilities.

HIGH POINT, N.C., Oct. 24, 2018 – There were tricks and treats at this year’s Special Populations Halloween Dance at Morehead Recreation Center. The event was organized by High Point University’s Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC), where individuals with disabilities dressed in costumes and enjoyed a community dance.

High Point Parks and Recreation co-hosted the event with the SCEC. Participants and their family members enjoyed games, dancing, crafts and food in numerous Halloween-themed rooms. 

“It’s my favorite thing. It’s why I’m in special education,” said Alyssa Andrade, co-chair of the SCEC committee for the special pops dance. “I usually work with kids, but this is amazing to see all the opportunities they have here at the dance. I always leave with a smile, and this is why I became co-chair this year.”

Brian Deer showed up dressed as a Dallas Cowboys fan. He comes every year because of the fun offered.

“I come here to dance, have fun and take pictures with friends,” said Deer.

Rusty Corley was making a mask with some of the HPU student volunteers.

“I’m here to have fun and dance,” said Corley. “I’ve been to several of these in the past. Let’s face it, what would I be doing in the house all night? Nothing! I like HPU.”

The SCEC is also planning Christmas and Valentine’s Day celebrations for the coming months, which will include similar activities and invite community members to come together.

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