HPU’s Musical Empowerment Provides Instruments and Lessons to Kirkman Park Elementary Students

HPU’s Musical Empowerment group provides free musical lessons to Kirkman Park Elementary students. HPU’s Musical Empowerment partnered with the Student Government Association to raise funds to purchase the instruments for the students.

HIGH POINT, N.C., Nov. 30, 2018 – High Point University’s Musical Empowerment group wants to keep the passion for music alive in Kirkman Park Elementary School.

Musical Empowerment is a national nonprofit on university and college campuses that raises funds to purchase musical instruments for underserved children in the community and offers free one-on-one musical lessons. HPU is one of six colleges and universities to offer the program.

The program began in the spring, when HPU’s Musical Empowerment partnered with the Student Government Association to raise funds for instruments like flutes, guitars, drums and keyboards for the children in the community.

Now, Kirkman Park students who signed up for the program receive free music lessons from HPU students each week.

HPU student Mikaela Seemann teaches Jer-meriah Venable, a Kirkman Park Elementary School student, how to play the flute.

Elementary student Jer-meriah Venable is learning to play the flute thanks to HPU student Mikaela Seemann.

Venable’s mother, Christine Alston, says the program has positively impacted her daughter.

“She always wanted to play an instrument,” said Alston. “My daughter has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, so I think this is the perfect outlet for her. Mikaela is very structured and precise, and that’s what you have to be with kids with ADHD.”

Seemann, an HPU sophomore biochemistry major, believes in this program because she wants to share the gift of music.

HPU’s Musical Empowerment group offers musical instruments and one-on-one lessons to students at Kirkman Park Elementary School.

“I did this because I love music, and I was blessed to have music educators in my life and have band be part of my life,” said Seemann. “I’ve seen the benefits. That’s why I stuck with it. To be able to pass on what I’ve been fortunate to have through my schooling, that’s why I do it.”

HPU’s chapter currently has 12 teacher-student pairs at Kirkman Park. Dr. Jamal Crawford, Kirkman Park’s principal, is grateful HPU introduced the program to his school.

“Something like music actually has all kinds of academic benefits to it so, for us it’s a win-win,” said Crawford. “I’m excited every time I get to see the kids come in and their eyes light up when they get their instruments.”

“To see them smile when they get the instrument and to see their reaction playing it, it’s nothing like they’ve ever seen,” said Josh Allen, HPU’s Musical Empowerment president. “For a lot of these kids, it’s the first time they’ve seen an instrument like this, so to be able to say, ‘This is mine, I get to be able to play it,’ it’s like nothing else.”

To learn how you can donate instruments or funds to HPU’s Musical Empowerment, email hpu@musical-empowerment.org.

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