Students Explore Marketing in Spain During ‘Maymester’ Trip

HIGH POINT, N.C., June 6, 2019 – High Point University students in the Earl N. Phillips School of Business are learning the tricks of the marketing trade in Spain during a four week “Maymester” trip.

Dr. Miguel Sahagun, assistant professor of marketing, and Dr. Cindy Hanson, associate professor of marketing, are leading the students through their study abroad experience. HPU Global Experience programs, also known as “Maymesters,” are short-term study abroad opportunities allowing HPU students to travel within the U.S. and internationally to learn about different cultures through real-world experiences. 

During their time in Spain, students are combining their classwork study with experiential learning. Hanson and Sahagun are utilizing space in the University of Salamanca to teach classes Monday through Thursday and travel on the weekends to different regions of the country to expose students to various marketing practices.

In the beginning of their trip, HPU students traveled to the city of Salamanca where they visited the Roman Bridge. While visiting the famous landmark, the students learned about the construction and how it connects to the history of the city and other various sites.

While in Salamanca, the students took part in a cooking lesson at the University of Salamanca. Under the guidance of the university’s chef, the students prepared traditional dishes.

“Being able to immerse ourselves in the business practices and culture of the country of Spain is what truly makes this trip so unique,” said Patrick Horn, a marketing major and sport management minor at HPU.

The students visited the Cathedral of Guarda in Guarda, Portugal. There, they learned about the history of the Catholic church and architectural styles of the building. They also traveled to Segovia, Spain, to visit Alcazar of Segovia, a medieval castle, where they learned it was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s castle in the story “Snow White.”

“In the classroom, we talk about the importance of history and culture, but it really comes to life for the students when they experience these historic sites in various experiential activities,” said Hanson. “It is so rewarding to see the students’ understanding grow through these experiences.”

The students’ “Maymester” trip in Spain will continue through June 8.

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