Hurricane Dorian Update Sept. 3, 2019

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HPU prioritizes the safety and security of our students and is continuing to track the potential impact of Hurricane Dorian and have included helpful updates and resources below

Forecasts currently call for relatively uneventful weather at HPU, and the National Weather Service does not anticipate any direct impacts to our region of the state. 

We take the storm seriously and want to remind our families from around the United States that High Point is located three hours inland from the coast of North Carolina. The most recent map released by the National Weather Service shows that High Point lies outside the range of even the most low-risk areas of our state.  

Nevertheless, we remain vigilant in preparing for the storm. We do want to provide you with a few campus preparation updates:

  • Our Emergency Management Team is communicating with Guilford County Emergency Management during daily meetings now and throughout the week to ensure the most accurate information.
  • Transportation is ensuring that all university vehicles stay fueled ahead of and during any impacts brought on by the storm.  
  • Out of an abundance of caution, we have a large supply of bottled water in storage on campus.
  • Additionally, there are 18 strategically placed generators throughout campus. All generators received preventative maintenance this summer.


Resources for you and your student:

What are the best sources for High Point, N.C. weather conditions?
You can view the National Weather Service’s forecast for High Point, N.C., here.

Where to find hurricane preparedness information:
Extensive preparedness information is available via this HPU Safety and Security website

How to receive the most up-to-date information:
While we do not expect any changes to HPU services, you can stay up to date on HPU’s social media platforms, including:

HPU Facebook page

HPU Guides Mobile App

HPU Twitter (@HighPointU)

HPU is mindful of all those who have been or could be affected by Hurricane Dorian in the coming days. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all. 

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