Fox 8 WGHP to Air New Episodes of HPU’s ‘Leadership and Life Skills’ Series

Dr. Bob Brown is founder and CEO of the global business management consulting firm, B&C International. The conversation between HPU President Nido Qubein and Brown will air on Feb. 10.

HIGH POINT, N.C., Jan. 13, 2020 – As part of an ongoing commitment to community enrichment, Fox 8 WGHP will air High Point University’s “Leadership and Life Skills” series every Monday at 7 p.m. from January 13 through May 11. Individuals can also experience these leaders anytime online at

During each program, HPU President Nido Qubein interviews influential thought leaders, including former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks Cynt Marshall and ABC News’ Byron Pitts, about achieving success and embracing moments of failure while encouraging students to move the world forward in positive ways. Each episode was filmed in front of a live audience on the HPU campus.

The schedule is as follows:

7 p.m. on Jan. 13: Michio Kaku, physicist and co-founder of String Field Theory

As co-founder of String Field Theory, Kaku carries on Albert Einstein’s quest to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into a single grand unified theory of everything. He has gained popularity in mainstream media due to his knowledge and accessible approach to presenting complex subjects in science. While his technical writings are confined to theoretical physics, his public speaking and media appearances cover a broad range of topics, from the Kardashev scale to subjects such as wormholes and time travel.

7 p.m. on Jan. 20: Cynt Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks and HPU’s Sports Executive in Residence

Marshall has been CEO of the Dallas Mavericks since February 2018. Before Mark Cuban asked her to join the professional basketball team, Marshall served in leadership roles at AT&T. She started in 1981 and held a variety of line and staff positions in the operator services, network engineering, operations, external and legislative affairs departments. Marshall served as the president of AT&T North Carolina for more than six years before becoming senior vice president and chief diversity officer for AT&T nationally. 

7 p.m. on Jan. 27: Colin Powell, former secretary of state, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and national security advisor

For more than 50 years, Powell has devoted his life to public service. Having held senior military and diplomatic positions across four presidential administrations, Powell’s deep commitment to democratic values and freedom has been felt throughout the world. From 1987-1989, Powell served as President Ronald Reagan’s national security advisor. He served from 1989-1993 as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for both President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton. Powell is a member of HPU’s National Board of Advisors and delivered the 2014 Commencement address.

7 p.m. on Feb. 3: Celia Sandys, granddaughter of Winston Churchill, founder and chair of the Churchill Leadership Group

Sandys speaks on various aspects of her grandfather’s life. She has presented a three-part documentary based on “Chasing Churchill,” one of five books she has written.

7 p.m. on Feb. 10: Dr. Bob Brown, founder and CEO of the global business management consulting firm, B&C International

During his career, Brown advised, traveled with and raised money for the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; was a member of the corporate plans board of Carl Byoir & Associates, the largest public relations firm in the world at the time; and was a close friend and confidant to Nelson Mandela’s family. His public service includes serving on several corporate boards, as well as advising U.S. and international presidents.

Brown has been a member of the HPU Board of Trustees for 17 years, and, among many prestigious honors and awards, he’s included in the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans and serves as a member of the board.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice served as 66th secretary of state and was HPU’s 2016 Commencement speaker. Rice’s conversation with HPU President Nido Qubein will air at 7 p.m. on Feb 17.

7 p.m. on Feb. 17: Dr. Condoleezza Rice, 66th secretary of state

From January 2005-2009, Rice served as the United States’ 66th secretary of state, the second woman and first African American woman to hold the post. Rice also served as President George W. Bush’s assistant to the President for national security affairs (national security advisor) from January 2001-2005, the first woman to hold the position.

As secretary of state, Rice championed the idea of “Transformational Diplomacy,” which expanded the number of diplomatic governments throughout the world. She also helped successfully negotiate several agreements in the Middle East. Rice has appeared four times on Time Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people. She currently serves as a professor at Stanford University and was HPU’s 2016 Commencement speaker.

7 p.m. on Feb. 24: Dr. Ken Dychtwald, founding president and CEO of Age Wave

Dychtwald created Age Wave to guide Fortune 500 companies and government groups in product/service development for boomers and mature adults. His explorations and innovative solutions have fertilized and catalyzed a broad spectrum of industry sectors—from vitamins, cookies and automotive design, to retail merchandising, mutual funds and health insurance. During his career, Dychtwald has addressed more than 2 million people worldwide in his speeches to corporate, association, social service and government groups. His accurate predictions and ideas are regularly featured in leading print and electronic media worldwide.

7 p.m. on March 2: Wolf Blitzer, CNN’s lead political anchor

Blitzer has been with CNN for more than 20 years. Over the decades, he has reported on a wide range of major stories that have shaped the international political landscape.

Blitzer was pivotal to CNN’s election coverage throughout “America’s Choice 2012,” serving as lead anchor on key primary nights, caucus nights and election night. He moderated three of CNN’s Republican primary presidential debates, including the first-of-its-kind Tea Party debate. During the 2008 presidential election, Blitzer spearheaded CNN’s Peabody Award-winning coverage of the presidential primary debates and campaigns. He also led CNN’s Emmy-winning “America Votes 2006” coverage and “America Votes 2004.” Furthermore, he anchored the network’s coverage during the inaugurations of Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

7 p.m. on March 9: Dr. Tony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Atala is also the W.H. Boyce Professor and chair of the Department of Urology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. He is a practicing surgeon and researcher in the area of regenerative medicine whose current work focuses on growing new human cells, tissues and organs. He has received global attention for using 3D printing to create organ prototypes. He serves on HPU’s National Board of Advisors.

7 p.m. on March 16: Josh Groban, internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and actor

Groban has entertained fans across the globe with his multiplatinum albums and DVDs (over 30 million sold worldwide), electrifying live performances, and comedic film and television appearances. The 35-year-old Los Angeles native is the only artist who has had two albums appear on the Top 20 Best-Selling Albums list of the past decade, according to Billboard. He has appeared in the feature films “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” “The Hollars,” “Coffee Town,” and “Muppets Most Wanted,” as well as on NBC’s “The Office,” FX’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” CBS’ “The Crazy Ones,” and his Netflix show, “Good Cop.” He delivered HPU’s 2018 Commencement address.

7 p.m. on March 23: Dr. Carol Dweck, Stanford University Professor of Psychology and author of “Mindset”

In her breakthrough book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,” Dweck tackled questions such as “Why do smart kids fail?” and “Could praising talent actually inhibit success?” The work is now a New York Times best-seller that Library Journal called “…essential for parents, teachers and coaches.”

Dweck’s book also inspired HPU to select “Growth Mindset” as its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) theme. Through the QEP, programming and curriculum that foster a growth mindset has been prevalent across campus.

7 p.m. on March 30: Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix and HPU’s Entrepreneur in Residence

The conversation between HPU President Nido Qubein and Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix and HPU’s Entrepreneur in Residence, will air at 7 p.m. on March 30.

Randolph is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor and investor. He also serves as HPU’s Entrepreneur in Residence. While at Netflix, he served as the founding CEO, executive producer of their website and as a member of their board of directors until his retirement in 2004.

Although best known for starting Netflix, Randolph’s career as an entrepreneur spans more than four decades. He’s founded more than half a dozen other successful start-ups, served as a mentor to hundreds of early-stage entrepreneurs and invested in numerous tech ventures.

7 p.m. on April 6: Dr. Julie Freischlag, CEO of Wake Forest Baptist Health and dean of the Wake Forest School of Medicine

As CEO and dean, she has the overall responsibility for the Medical Center’s clinical, academic and innovation enterprises and its annual operating budget of $2.5 billion. Previously, Freischlag was vice chancellor for Human Health Sciences and dean of the School of Medicine at UC Davis.

Freischlag has helped to drive change in academic medicine, with a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion. For more than 15 years, she has led education and training programs at top medical schools in her role as professor and chair of surgery and vascular surgery departments. Freischlag also has more than 30 years of experience leading patient-care services as chief of surgery or vascular surgery at nationally ranked hospitals.

7 p.m. on April 13: Byron Pitts, co-anchor of ABC News’ “Nightline” and HPU’s Journalist in Residence

Pitts is the winner of multiple Emmys and serves as Journalist in Residence at HPU. He is widely known for his thoughtful storytelling, on-the-ground reporting and in-depth interviews. He has covered national news stories and in-depth features for ABC, reporting across the news division on programs such as “Good Morning America,” “World News Tonight with David Muir,” “This Week” and “20/20.”

7 p.m. on April 20: Scott McKain, best-selling author, consultant and HPU’s Corporate Educator in Residence

An internationally known authority on helping organizations create distinction, McKain is the founder of a company that teaches businesses to deliver “ultimate customer experiences” to enhance client retention and revenue.

He is also the author of three No. 1 business best-sellers on expanding profits, increasing sales and engaging customers.

With three decades of experience, McKain is a professional speaker who has presented his business strategies across the U.S. and in 17 countries. He has given presentations to some of the world’s most influential corporations, including General Electric, BMW, Ecolab and Intel.

7 p.m. on April 27: Vincent Price, Duke University president

Price is the 10th president of Duke University, where he is also a Walter Hines Page Professor of Public Policy and professor of political science in the Sanford School of Public Policy and Trinity College of Arts and Sciences.

Before coming to Duke, Price served as provost of the University of Pennsylvania. As provost and chief academic officer, he advanced initiatives to diversify the faculty and expand interdisciplinary research; guided the development of new forms of teaching and learning, both in the classroom and in the digital world; expanded the university’s global presence, including the launch of the Penn Wharton Center in Beijing; and enhanced arts and culture on campus, shepherding the creation of the Sachs Program for Arts Innovation.

7 p.m. on May 4: Allen Gant, chairman of Glen Raven, Inc.

Gant is chairman of the company founded by his grandfather in 1880 and continuously family owned throughout its history. He joined Glen Raven in 1971 and served in a number of increasingly responsible positions with the company before serving as CEO from 1996 to 2017.

Gant, who attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Elon University, is a global business and textile industry leader. He has served as a member of President George W. Bush’s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations (ACTPN), member of the Board of Directors of the American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition (AMTAC), TextilePAC, past chairman and board member of the National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO).

7 p.m. on May 11: Bob Ryan, retired sports columnist for The Boston Globe and HPU’s Sports Reporter in Residence

Ryan has been writing for the Globe since 1968, covering all of Boston’s sports teams. Ryan’s work still appears in the Globe semi-regularly. He is a regular panelist on ESPN’s Sunday morning roundtable, “The Sports Reporters,” and has been described as the “quintessential American sportswriter” and a basketball guru. Ryan is well-known for his coverage of basketball and for his stories covering the Boston Celtics in the 1970s.

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