Flower Power: HPU Gardens Tech Delivers Bouquets to Health Care Workers

Art Ogden delivers bouquets made from HPU’s gardens daily to Wake Forest Baptist Health’s High Point Medical Center.

HIGH POINT, N.C., April 22, 2020 – Every day, Art Ogden works in the beautiful gardens on High Point University’s campus.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first began impacting the United States, Ogden had an idea to brighten the day of health care workers who were on the front lines.

He decided to share big, colorful bouquets made from HPU’s gardens with nurses and the Emergency Room personnel at Wake Forest Baptist Health’s High Point Medical Center.

“The flowers here at HPU are magnificent,” says Ogden, a garden technician for HPU’s Mariana H. Qubein Arboretum and Gardens. “They look and smell so much better than what you can buy. Because our students aren’t on campus right now to enjoy them, and because flowers don’t last forever, I decided to share these with health care workers because I know how important their work is.”

About nine years ago, when Ogden lived in Boston, he had cancer with a high fatality rate. He credits the doctors, nurses and health care workers for helping him beat the disease.

“Those doctors and nurses never let me give up,” says Ogden. “I want to thank every health care worker for what they’re doing. It’s a tough job right now, and I want them to know they are appreciated.”

Ogden delivers the bouquets seven days a week to nurses at the entrance of the emergency room at High Point Medical Center. The staff gladly display the bouquets at the front desk to lift the spirits of everyone who enters.

“It’s refreshing to see acts of kindness from individuals and organizations, like this gesture from HPU,” said Taylor Sowers, registered nurse at High Point Medical Center. “To know someone is thinking of me and all of my colleagues in health care made my day and put a smile on my face, encouraging me to continue spreading positivity to patients during these unprecedented times.”

“Art makes the most beautiful arrangements that bring so much joy to our lives,” says Barbara Dodson, a registered nurse at the hospital. “It means to much to us and has filled my heart with a lot of love. Sometimes we display them inside where patients can enjoy them, and sometimes we leave them outside where visitors can see them. He really brightens our day with these beautiful flowers.”

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