Internship Profile: Tyler Thomas Interns with AT&T


Name: Tyler Thomas

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Year: Class of 2022

Major: Marketing with a minor in social media marketing

Internship: Thomas worked for AT&T as a public sector intern in the Defense/National Security division. He assisted on sales development projects aimed toward bid openings in the US Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

How HPU helped you get there: “HPU helped me through their direct focus on career and professional development. I attended many LinkedIn and mock interview sessions hosted by the Office of Career and Professional Development, which significantly helped me with my skills in obtaining an internship. HPU also helped me through its wide offering of alumni and family mentors. Through HPU, I was able to meet my mentor, James Jadotte, who has played a significant role in my development. I used the Office of Career and Professional Development for multiple resume reviews, interview tips, Linkedin tips and also the mock video interviews.”

Most Impactful Mentor: “My most impactful mentor at HPU is Assistant Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Doug Hall. Dr. Hall is one of the most caring people on campus. He takes time to get to know you as a student and is always there as a resource for whatever you may need.”

What has your internship experience been like, and how is it preparing you for your future?: “My internship experience has been AMAZING. Even though it was online and virtual, it was a very rewarding experience. I enjoyed working virtually this year because it gave me a glimpse at what the workplace may be in the future and has helped me to acclimate to what that environment may look like.”

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