HPU Students Participate in Gratitude Week

High Point University students participated in T.A.G. Week across campus Nov. 9-13 as an opportunity to “Think About Giving.” Doug Mathis (left), an HPU senior, and Sam Carr (right), president of HPU’s Student Government Association, take time to participate in The Gratitude Project.

HPU students wrote more than 500 thank-you cards to area veterans.

HIGH POINT, N.C., Nov. 16, 2020 – High Point University students participated in T.A.G. Week Nov. 9-13 as an opportunity to “Think About Giving.”

The week offered several opportunities across campus for students to share in the season of thanksgiving by taking moments to express their gratitude for mentors, faculty, staff and philanthropic investors who support innovative programs, state-of-the-art facilities, scholarships and more.

The week started off with students participating in The Gratitude Project. Students gathered by the Slane Student Center to take a moment to write down what they were thankful for. For its 10th year, The Gratitude Project, organized and hosted on campus by the Student Alumni Council, gave students an opportunity to express their appreciation through a special photo opportunity.

To honor the men and women who served and are serving in the United States military, students wrote thank-you notes to either a family member or local High Point veteran on Veterans Day.

“Our students rallied together to write more than 500 thank-you cards and to place more than 2,500 American flags in Patriots Plaza that represent every branch of the military to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice,” said Sam Carr, president of HPU’s Student Government Association. “At HPU, we are proud to be a God, family and country school. The determination to thank our veterans, regardless of a navigating a pandemic, was humbling to watch. Whether it was students writing a thank-you card or posting a picture to thank our veterans, we came together to remember those that gave it all.”

A canned food drive was held as part of HPU’s T.A.G. Week.

The week culminated with HPU’s Student Government Association and Student Alumni Council collecting canned foods to benefit Open Door Ministries of High Point. More than 200 donations from students, faculty and staff were received, including 5,000 water bottles and more than 1,300 cans of food.

“The community of High Point welcomes us with open arms every year,” said Joe Maronski, vice president of external communications for HPU’s Student Government Association. “We come back and are greeted with smiles and hugs from some of our favorite business owners and locals. It is key that we as students step up and help the community. We have a responsibility to the community to help whenever possible. As students, we are so grateful for the community of High Point and will always give back whenever we can.”

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