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Sand, Sun and Service: An Alternative Spring Break
During spring break this year, High Point University students celebrated the values of service, selflessness and generosity by giving back to communities around the world in a tremendous way. Through the Alternate Spring Break Program, students renovated a home affected by Hurricane Sandy, rebuilt New Orleans homes, and served children in Haiti. Their efforts, highlighted […]
Now is the time to become an active LinkedIn user
From the Office of Career and Internship Services: Dear Parents, Are you an active LinkedIn user? We know that many of you are, and we wonder if you have considered that your college student can benefit tremendously from using LinkedIn. Although college students are not yet established in a chosen field, they can leverage LinkedIn to […]
Four Year Plan for Freshmen
If you are like most parents of first-year college students, you frequently try to start conversations with your student by asking questions like … how do you like your classes? … are you doing well in your classes (are you attending class?) … what do you think you will major in? … what will you […]
Chaney’s Comeback Story Exemplifies HPU’s Commitment to Providing Extraordinary Student Opportunities
Dear Friend, Some suggest that experience is the best teacher. At High Point University, we instill the entrepreneurial spirit by forging the delicate, yet crucial connection, among the access of information, the patience of scholarly learning, and the opportunities to apply that knowledge in powerful and purposeful ways.  Doing without knowing why is not enough. Understanding […]
HPU Career Services: The Four Year Plan
If you are like most parents, you frequently try to direct conversations with your college student by asking questions like … what is your academic and career focus? … are you sure you are in the right major? … what happens after HPU? … do you have a plan in place? … when should you […]
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