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All About Briayna Cuffie


My name is Briayna Cuffie. I am a junior, International Relations major and Anthropology minor, from Annapolis, Maryland. Through the Bonner Leader Program, I am the Program Coordinator at HPU’s newest addition, the Community Writing Center. For the program, I am also the Public Relations and Social Media Chair. I am in charge of corresponding with the Office of Communication, updating and editing the Bonner Leader Program website, the Service Learning website, and our joint Facebook page.

My service site this year at the Community Writing Center, allows me to continue working with children as I do at home. Having been active in tutoring children during middle school and high school, I have enjoyed being able to do it again. As Program Coordinator of the CWC, I aid in the coordination of 2-6 service learning students, their literacy and comprehension opening activities, monitoring, and sometimes assisting with homework help. As someone who anticipates working for an international non-profit organization in the future, being a part of the Bonner Program will definitely benefit me. The program allows students to develop their leadership skills as well as build and enhance others. The volunteer management techniques that I am learning through the CWC I’m sure will be beneficial to me as I look to continue non-profit work in the future!




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