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My name is Christine Hamrick and I’m a senior Criminal Justice major from Alexandria, Virginia. The Bonner Leader site that I am assigned to is Learning Together at the Macedonia Family Resource Center. My role at this center as a Bonner is to coordinate and organize volunteers who help tutor the children while their parents receive ESOL education. These children need the tutoring of helpers who have been brought up speaking English as their first language because their parents are often refugees or only speak their native language at home which creates a learning barrier for their children when they attend a predominate English speaking school. As a Bonner Leader, I also make connections with the children and volunteers to help make Macedonia Center a learning environment for all.

Before working at Learning Together as a Bonner Leader, I worked with the program as a Service Learning Coordinator for one year. I am glad I am able to continue working with the children in the program regardless of my title. While teaching them, I learn new things everyday about myself and their life here in High Point, as well as connecting how they are growing up with how I was brought up. After graduation I plan to take this idea of helping children, like the ones who come to Learning Together, back to my hometown because as I see the diversity in High Point I think of home and how much this type of a program will benefit the younger generation.




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