The Bonner Leader Program

Bisharat Khan

img_2737Bisharat Khan’s Bonner Site

October 23, 2017

Why did you choose to continue as a Bonner? What are you most excited for and/or what do you hope to achieve through Bonner this year?

I chose to continue as a Bonner because I believe that being a Bonner Leader on campus has given me the opportunity that no other program would have given to me. I think the Bonner Leader program is one of the best programs on campus and provides the best leadership opportunities for students, especially the first generation students.

When I started out as a Bonner Leader on campus last year, I didn’t know anything. I wasn’t familiar with the program; but as time progressed, I met new people and became more familiar with the program. It has created a supportive community of students and others around who are just like me, they have the same focus and purpose which is to have a positive lasting impact on our community. I made new long lasting relationships, I found mentors and guides that have mentored me, not only in school but out of school to help me impact my community.

The HPU Bonner Program has helped me to come out of my comfort zone, become more confident, put my talents and abilities on the table, and most importantly, it has enabled me to what I love doing most, helping others.

A common stereotype about High Point University students is that they are arrogant, rich people that only care about themselves. I believe that is not true at all, I think High Point University provides the most benefit to the city of High Point.  HPU students and parents use the hotels, restaurants, and attractions that the city has to offer. Most importantly, I believe that High Point University provides the most community service to the community. The Bonner Program alone has 7 sites where Bonner Leaders are working very hard each day to help break down the bridges, and are improving and expanding the quality of services they provide. Some of the sites that are a part of Bonner Leader Program are after-school facilities, community writing centers, women’s shelter, community clinic, and more.

The Community Clinic of High Point is my volunteer site. I have worked there for the past year and I’ve had a great experience. Since I am a Pre-Pharmacy major, I am able to add this great experience to my resume. I also get paid, which helps me to pay my tuition and takes a big burden off of me and my family. I have made a great connection with the pharmacist that I work with, Dr. Tina. I see a great friend and a great advocate in her and I am confident that I can always reach out to her if I need something.

Overall, the Bonner Leader Program has provided me with more opportunity than I could have imagined. What I am most excited about for the upcoming  year is to meet and work with all of the new Bonner leaders, continue to do what I am doing now, and connect with leaders in the community who will help me become better at what I am doing. I want to become a role model for other students so they can also make a positive impact on our community and our society.


October 28, 2016

How has service shaped your life? How have your experiences with service influenced or led you to become a Bonner leader?

Helping others is something that I love to do, I hold a great passion for helping others. Ever since I was young, service and helping others were always taught as values to me. I’m just the kind of person that loves helping others, I get great joy when I see children become youth leaders or others getting ahead in life that I have helped in the past. Even in my high school, I always helped out and volunteered at different places. Some of these included: The Salvation Army, where we would go and hand out free bags of food to the needy around the community, or joining the Human Relations Service Club where we would go out in the neighborhoods to help the elderly by mowing their lawns, doing housekeeping, etc….

I believe that service helped me tremendously, and my skills and understanding have grown and shaped my life in a way that I never imagined.  I had no clue it would provide me with so much opportunity. Through my service, I became the Ambassador of The Leap Program that works with the city of High Point. I have become a member of The Interfaith Program to represent my culture and my religion, and it enabled me to become a student representative at the High Point Public Library for the rest of the volunteers. I have built relationships that will benefit me my whole life; I have learned how to interact with people, and most importantly, I was able to join the Bonner program because of my service experience.

This past summer, my service learning teacher in High School told me that there was a volunteering opportunity around the community, and I gladly accepted to volunteer there, little did I know that this was the best decision that I would make. The organization is associated with the city of High Point.  Students serve as a Student Representative on the Board of Trustees. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson are the founders of this program, they are amazing people, I don’t think I have ever met people that are so nice and are willing to do so much for the community of High Point. They strive every day to do something good for High Point.

This is a program where we diligently work with over thirty elementary school children ages 7-14. We meet weekdays from 5-8, during that time I am a tutor and a mentor at the organization. We plan different activities for the children each day. Some days we teach life skills and other days we teach youth leadership skills. I also mentor them on preventing bullying. Lunch is always provided for the children through Fairview Elementary School. One day the founders came up to me and told me that there was something that I should look in to, and they said that, “since you have done so much for our program, we would like to help you get in a program that will help you throughout college.” I was really excited, and with their help, I was able to discuss the HPU Bonner Leader Program with Dr. Blosser and given the opportunity to become a Bonner.