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Below is the archive of blogs from each of our Bonner Leaders! Each Bonner is required to write one blog post each semester, reflecting on their service and experience in the program. Each Bonner Leader’s blog is rotated on the Service Learning website, and archived under each student’s name below. Be sure to also stay up to date with our reflections from different conferences and service trips at our Conference & Service Blogs page.

2013 Cohort

Briayna Cuffie (May 2013 – Present)

Duchanté Davis (May 2013 – Present)

Christine Hamrick (May 2013 – January 2014)

Alison Hansen (May 2013 – May 2014)

Ashlyn Henning (May 2013 – Present)

Molly House (May 2013 – Present)

Cyril Jefferson (January 2014 – Present)


2014 Cohort

Jasmyn Alexander (August 2014- Present)

Dante Armstrong (August 2014- Present)

Daniella Bernal (August 2014- Present)

Joshua Caudle (August 2014- Present)

Manning Franks (August 2014- Present)

Ebony Gillette (August 2014- Present)


Bonner Leaders In The News

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Making the Community Your Classroom: HPU’s Caring People Leave a Local Impact
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Duchante Davis 2
Changing Lives through Teaching: DuChante Davis Joins Teach for America
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MLK Zumba
Bonner Leaders and Macedonia Resource Center Aim to Beat Zumba World Record
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