The Bonner Leader Program

Christine Hamrick


DSC_4875As a Bonner Leader, I am one of two Guilford Child Development Service Learning Coordinators for the Macedonia Learning Together Program. I organize High Point University Service Learning students who tutor children in grades K-8. Last year I worked with Macedonia Center as a Service Learning Liaison. I have been fortunate to work there again this year through the Bonner Leader program by organizing and giving structure to the program the children abide by during their time at Macedonia. As the Program Coordinator, I create a learning environment where children can not only complete their homework assignments, but receive one-on-one tutoring with an HPU student and be able to comprehend what is being taught to them outside of the classroom. In addition, I develop a program to not only enhance the educational needs of the children, but the emotional and social needs as well. Through my commitment to the Bonner Leader Program and my service at Macedonia, I have become more knowledgeable and aware of the children I work with, myself, and the society around me both at home and at High Point.

Working with Macedonia for two years I have learned a tremendous amount about children. Seeing them learn and being able to make them understand the smallest of their homework makes me feel so accomplished. Even though I am assisting them with their homework, I find myself learning in some subjects as well as how to manage children in groups. I feel as though my service with these students will make High Point prosper because the children are the foundation of any city’s success. Educating these children in school and in life is such a big deal in High Point because many of the families that come to us do not know English and therefore cannot help their child understand their homework. I take pride when I see them learning and growing up before my eyes. Even though it’s only been two years, I see improvements of many of the children at Macedonia. Many of the children came back this year and surprised me with knowledge that was taught to them last year. I love seeing them grow.




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