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  • MKT 2110. Principles of Marketing. A study of basic commodities and manufactured goods from producer to consumer. Specific areas to be covered include consumer motivation, marketing research, marketing institutions, distribution, promotion, product offering and pricing. Four credits.


  • MKT 2881, 3881, 4881. Special Topics. Variable credit. May be repeated.


  • MKT 3180. Marketing Communications. An in-depth analysis of the persuasive communications efforts of the firm to market its products. All aspects of the promotional blend (advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity) will be explored as they relate to the objectives of the firm. Four credits. Prerequisite: MKT 2110 or COM 1110.


  • MKT 3200. Consumer Behavior. An in-depth study of the consumer and the relationship of consumer behavior to pricing, advertising, product development, distribution and marketing strategies. It is an intense examination of the purchase decision and how these decisions affect the buying process. It is a study of how the consumer world is influenced by the actions of marketers. Four credits. Prerequisite: MKT 2110.


  • MKT 3300. Marketing Research. A study of the techniques and practices of marketing research. Qualitative and quantitative research methods will be explored in a hands-on fashion. Factors are examined that can affect research both negatively and positively. Emphasis will be placed on becoming an effective user of marketing research for decision making at all levels of management. Four credits. Fall. Prerequisites: MKT 2110, and MTH 1130 or higher.


  • MKT 3600. Sales in Dynamic Environments. This course covers the basic foundations for understanding the concepts and practices of selling and sales management. Specific areas to be covered include: the sales function, selling as a profession, the relationship between sales and marketing, the psychology of selling, communication and persuasion, elements of sales presentations, and developing and managing a sales force including sales force structure, customer relationship management, the use of technology to improve sales force effectiveness, issues in recruiting, selecting, training, motivating, compensating and retaining salespeople. Four credits. Prerequisite: MKT 2110.


NOTE: Students who have previously taken MKT 3170 Sales Development or MKT 4360 Sales Management may not take MKT 3600.


  • MKT 3750. International Marketing. A study of the realities of conducting business between countries. Subjects to be covered include marketing, financial, legal and political considerations, transportation, and international trade terminology. Four credits. Prerequisite: MKT 2110.


  • MKT 4100. Social Media Marketing Strategy. This course examines the basic strategy behind tactical implementation of social media marketing campaigns. Emphasis is given to understanding the basics of social media marketing, effectively reaching target audiences, project management skills, maintaining message consistency, planning, evaluating and adjusting social media tactics as needed. Four credits. Spring. Prerequisites: MKT 2110 and junior standing or higher.


  • MKT 4400. Marketing Management. An intensive study of the elements in the marketing process as it applies to consumer and industrial products and services. Heavy emphasis will be placed on strategic market planning. Four credits.  Prerequisites: MKT 2110 and two other MKT courses.


  • MKT 4444. Independent Study. Admission by permission of the Chair of Marketing to undertake an assignment planned in advance. One to four credits.


  • MKT 4810-4815. Student Internship. Three, four, six, eight, ten or twelve credits.




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