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Dr. Michael McCully, Associate Professor of Economics and Director of the International Business Program, joined High Point University in 1993. As Director of the International Business Program, he works closely with the Modern Foreign Language Department and is responsible for the management and assessment of the major. In May of 2010 HPU honored Dr. McCully with the Meredith Clark Slane Distinguished Teaching Award. He currently teaches undergraduate courses in macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, and comparative economics as well as the MBA course in managerial economics.

Dr. McCully recently presented his co-authored paper, "The Impacts of Social Capital on Environmental Behavior: A North Carolina Case Study" (co-authored with Daniel Hall and Christine Cugliari) at the Missouri Valley Economic Association meetings, Kansas City, Missouri. The paper focuses on the idea of people cooperating with each other to protect the natural environment. The theory holds that people who are active in social groups would also be more active in protecting the environment. With the help of HPU's Survey Research Center, the professors collected information on whether people in North Carolina were actively involved in social organizations such as environmental groups or other nonprofits. The survey also asked about everyday environmental activities, such as recycling. A correlation was found in study participants between social involvement and environmental activity.

The PSB and HPU have benefited from Dr. McCully’s service on the Business Leadership Team, the Professional Growth Committee, the HPU Educational Policies Committee, the Global Studies Committee and the Graduate Council. His professional affiliations include the American Economic Association, Association for Social Economics, Missouri Valley Economic Association, and the Association of Christian Economists.

Dr. McCully likes to travel and has been to Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Poland, the Netherlands, Ghana, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

Dr. McCully earned his Ph.D. in Economics in the fields of Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Development Economics from the University of Notre Dame; his M.A. in Economics from the University of Notre Dame; and his B.A. in Economics from Austin College.


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