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Assistant Professor of Management Dr. Oliver Stoutner began his HPU career in the fall of 2017. The PSB had been interested in hiring him for years, so his acceptance of the position was a reason for celebration. Dr. Stoutner was an undergraduate major in music who trained to be an opera singer, so like any successful musician he learned early on how to be entrepreneurial, how to manage his time and resources, and how to be highly disciplined. Shifting to the academic field of management for his advanced degrees was a logical progression for him.

Dr. Stoutner’s research interests lie in roles, risk evaluation/behavior, group and team effectiveness, and gamification of work. He is currently working on several research projects that explore historical trends in leadership. The first project looks at the history of the U.S. public radio industry and its leaders’ responses to discontinuous change. Specifically, he is studying how leaders within that industry make sense of the artifacts they have come to know and understand, and how that sense-making may influence their perception of disconfirmatory new information. Another project explores warhorse valuation during the reign of King Edward the First. Edward was involved in military conflicts during much of his reign. Dr. Stoutner is studying how those conflicts may have influenced warhorse supply and valuation. On a more modern level, he is doing research that clarifies the role of gamification (introducing game elements or game design principles in the workplace) in intrinsic motivation.

During his academic career, Dr. Stoutner has taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels teaching Business Ethics and Leadership Development; Leadership, Management, and Organizational Behavior; Introduction to HR Management; Organizational Development and Change; HR Management; and Positive Group and Organizational Development. At HPU he teaches Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior and an MBA course in Global Leadership.

As a teacher, Dr. Stoutner says that he strives to be the kind of professor who challenges students and has a sense of humor, someone who provides a positive and safe classroom space for exploration and learning. He endeavors to be rigorous but fair, creative but purposeful. His motivation is to help foster a classroom environment filled with collaborative learning, where students are willing to share and emboldened to take risks.

Dr. Stoutner earned his B.A. in Music from the University of Iowa, his MBA from the University of Alabama at Huntsville, and his Ph.D. in Management from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.

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