Career & Professional Development

Junior Year

  • Establish a LinkedIn profile and start to selectively add connections; clean up social media sites from your earlier college days if you have not yet done so
  • Research internship opportunities and determine if a for-credit internship fits into your course schedule; remember that internships do not necessarily have to be done for academic credit
  • Continue to conduct informational interviews
  • Update your profile and search for internships using Purple Briefcase
  • Meet with your career advisor to update your resume, create an effective cover letter, and practice for interviews
  • Attend career expos and related events to see what organizations are growing and actively recruiting college graduates
  • Research graduate and professional schools early if you are considering pursuing an advanced degree after graduation; become familiar with application timelines and admissions tests
  • Finalize plans for a summer internship; complete paperwork if you are completing for academic credit

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