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Welcome, Employers!

Thank you for thinking of High Point University as a source for quality prospective interns and employees.

Career & Internship Services at High Point University is a centralized office serving undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni. The office provides a wide range of career counseling and exploration services to students in all classes and majors while serving as a liaison between students and prospective employers.


Internship Postings

Employers may post openings for interns by registering on the PantherLink, powered by Symplicity, or internship hosts may email a position description with the following information to Jen Paolino.

Please include the following

  • Company description
  • Position responsibilities and qualifications
  • Work location
  • Fixed of flexible schedule
  • Pay (if any)
  • Whether academic credit is required
  • How to apply/who to contact


Host Site Qualifications and Requirements for Externships and Internships

  • Provide an effective, positive learning environment for HPU student externs and interns
  • Hosts must have at least one full time employee who can serve as a co-educator, mentoring the intern and serving as a resource for questions
  • Hosts must agree to all Site Supervisor Responsibilities (listed below)
  • Hosts must have a policy discouraging harassment in all forms and make that policy known to the student
  • Hosts must have liability insurance or offer worker’s compensation, depending on whether the position is paid or unpaid
  • The work place cannot be located in a private home
  • Responsibilities must align with what should be expected of a college student at the appropriate level – C&IS staff will determine which experiences will determine may qualify for academic credit
  • The site should be one with which the student has no prior experience. Thus, the experiences on High Point University campus cannot be completed for academic credit


While part-time jobs are excellent opportunities to gain experience in a professional setting, they do not rise to the level of academic rigor required of the externship/internship program.

Organization/Site Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Provide a positive, supportive learning environment in which the intern may participate in work that directly correlates to their academic major
  • Designate an area expert to serve as the site supervisor; provide meaningful orientation for the intern to the organization’s purpose, services, clientele, and operating practices. Make available space, supplies, and other resources needed for completing assignments.
  • Harassment in any form, including sexual harassment, will not be tolerated in this work environment. This behavior may include using explicit language, gestures, graphics, verbal or non verbal suggestions, subtle or overt threats, and the like. If at any time an intern is made to feel uncomfortable by a co-worker or supervisor, he/she should report the incident to the site supervisor and/or faculty supervisor immediately. Action cannot be taken if the incident goes unreported.
  • Complete and discuss with the intern a minimum of 2 evaluations – mid term and final – with emphasis on progress made toward learning objectives and plan for continued learning. Submit the written evaluations to HPU Career Services in a timely manner.
  • Review and sign Weekly Time Logs.
  • Notify the faculty supervisor immediately in the event the intern’s performance becomes unsatisfactory
  • Appreciate diversity in all of its forms and respect various social and political viewpoints: do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, age, national/ethnic origin, disability, or sexual orientation


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