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Our amazing faculty here at HPU are crucial to the success of HPU students both inside and outside the classroom. Our goal in Career and Professional Development is to bring the same level of excellence to career advising that you provide in the classroom. As faculty and staff, we are caring for and encouraging the development of the whole student, and to that end, we invite you to partner with us in a variety of ways:

  • Encourage your students to schedule an appointment with our office or use our drop-in services
  • Invite us into your classroom to present on the topic of your choice.  Our presentations range from a brief (15-20 minutes) overview of our services to a highly interactive (60-90 minutes) presentation on a specific topic. Here are a few examples:
    • Overview of Career and Professional Development, including how we can help students, how to connect with us and where to find us
    • Interpretation of career self-assessments/identifying interests and strengths (interactive)
    • Resumes, cover letters, graduate school personal statements, and portfolios
    • Informational interviewing and job shadowing
    • Developing and maximizing a professional profile on LinkedIn
    • Researching and applying for internships
    • Interview skills (basic or advanced)
    • Job search strategies/networking
    • Graduate school preparation and application guidance
  • Let us know if you have a particular company or organization you would like to invite to campus for our Career & Internship Expo, an information session, or to establish a recruiting relationship. Please email
  • Share student success stories with us (internships, full-time positions, graduate school acceptances) so that we may add them to our database and share these successes with prospective/current students and their families. Please email to share these stories with us.

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