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Student Testimonials

“I first approached Career Services during the second semester of my Freshman year and I was blown away at the amount of opportunities that were available to me as a student. This past summer I worked at Parametric Technology Corporation based just outside of Boston, MA. I was given an extraordinary amount of opportunities as a Global Services intern and was able to build reputable connections while strengthening my resume. The guidance and dedication of the Career Services team at High Point University allowed me to obtain internships that set me apart from other students. As a marketing major, I am currently working at Wake Forest University as a sports marketing intern, along with High Point University’s own Sports Marketing department. As a first semester Sophomore, the Career Services team has truly set me up for success early on in my college career. Obtaining these internships has highly motivated me in the classroom and raised by personal expectations for any future opportunities.”

“I recently signed with the Lincoln Financial Group in Greensboro, NC for their summer actuarial internship. I really appreciate the Career Services team’s help in developing my resume and assisting in my search to secure an internship for this summer. I received two offers, one of which originated from the networking that the office helped me do earlier this year. Thanks so much for all your help!”

“Every Sport Management student’s dream is to get an opportunity to work for IMG, the global leader in sports and media. This summer, I was presented with the chance to live out this dream. I interned with the IMG College Seating Department and now I am interning with their Event Management and Marketing Division. I would not have gotten to this point if it was not for the guidance of the Career Services office at High Point University. Each member of the C&IS staff takes the time out of their day to meet with students in a one-on-one setting to ensure our success. Every school has a Career Center, every Career Center has connections, but not every school goes to such great lengths to see that their students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities beyond the institution and into the real world. HPU’s Career Center truly lives up to the High Point University motto that “every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people.”

“During my Sophomore year I went to the Career Center to help with career planning. I did not have a resume nor did I know how on earth to begin to prepare one. The Career Services team was not only willing to help me prepare a dynamic resume but also willing to teach me how I could do it myself so that I would have the skills to edit it in the future. Just a few months later I secured my first internship with a PR firm. I am currently working for the Courtyard Marriott in High Point which will undoubtedly open up new windows of opportunity in the hotel industry. Throughout my years at HPU, the Career Services team has helped me develop a foundation for success with my career search. They have written me letters of recommendation, mentored me through graduate school applications, and made themselves constantly available to help me, even during school breaks when I was desperate for a quick response. Having such a genuinely caring Career Services team has given me the tools I need to succeed in my career search as well as the confidence I need to pursue just about anything!”

“The Career Services team is a valuable asset to High Point University.”

“At High Point University, the Career Services Center is an amazing department. During my final semester at High Point, I met with the personnel in the C&IS department multiple times. We went online and identified local event planning career opportunities in the Triad. In addition, they shared with me several industry contacts to get in touch with and ask about the field in terms of informational interviews/career conversations. I ended up receiving an offer for the Event Planner position for High Point University. It is seriously my dream job! I love HPU and always wanted to work for the school. If it was not for the HPU Career and Internship Services staff, I would not have had the opportunity to gain all of the experience I have had, nor be qualified for the job of my dreams that I just secured! Thank you!”

“The presentation that the Career Services gave on resume writing to the School of Education was great! It was very helpful that they were able to specifically focus on what Education majors need to include on their resumes. The interview tips were also good to hear!”

“Choosing High Point University was the best decision I have ever made. I chose HPU because of the extreme focus on holistic learning. During my internship this summer I found that I was way ahead of my peers that were from other universities when it came to actually doing business tasks.”

“I wanted to let you know that I got an interview with the PGA Championship in Kiawah Island, SC, for the Operations Assistant position. The help that the Career and Internship Services team gave me on my cover letter really made a big difference, as I got an interview offer only 3 hours after applying for the position. Thank you very much for your help.”

“I really appreciate the Career and Internship Services team coming to present to the York Hall Honors Students. It was an amazing opportunity for the students to gain professional networking skills and to be exposed to the services that the office provides.”

“I have not completed an internship, but the services that the Career Center offer students makes obtaining one very simple. The Career and Internship Services staff members go above and beyond to make sure that we obtain the internship of our choosing. They help us build resumes, guide us through the application process, and explain how to conduct ourselves once we have secured an interview. They even send out e-mails to students informing us of internships that we might be interested in.”

Alumni Testimonials

“Thanks to the Career Services team for leading me to an exciting career opportunity and connecting me with recruiters!”

“I graduated in May 2010 and just wanted to take the time to say thank you to the Career Services team. I now live in Cincinnati, Ohio working for a logistics brokerage firm. It has been a fascinating career and I work with great people!”

“Thanks to the Career Services team for all the help in securing my position with Vanguard. The entire job search and interview process is a ton of work but they have managed to make it seem a lot easier.”

Employer Testimonials

“Thank you to the Career Services team for all that you do to educate your students and support the local community.”

“On behalf of the Bush Hill Heritage Festival Committee, hosted by the Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce, we would like to extend appreciation for the video services provided by one of your High Point University students. The student provided a professional quality video of our event which exceeded expectations. Once again, thank you for lending us your services for videoing this event. It was a pleasure for us to see the finished product.”

“High Point University graduate Ashten Cornelius is now one of the Carolina Chemistries best employees!”

“Danielle’s experience at High Point University was a contributing factor to being noticed by Genuity [Concepts] management. Danielle is a dynamic young person with great energy and drive. She’s destined for great things in her career. Discovering Danielle and her talents was a direct result of the internship program with High Point University. Putting these students to the test in a high energy business environment is the ultimate proving ground for new hires.”

“Not using the career center is like living next to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. yet deciding to ride a bike to New York City,” according to Dave Morgan, manager of client relations and experienced hiring with Ford Motor Company. “Eventually you’ll get where you want to go, but you’re in for an unnecessarily long and bumpy ride. Career centers facilitate connections with students and others and make the recruiting process much smoother. Why would you bypass the career center? After all, two of its primary functions are to help students find employment and to help employers find students.” – A message from the NACE President, March 2005

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