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Program Overview

The chemistry and biochemistry programs at High Point University prepare those majoring in chemistry or biochemistry for graduate study in chemistry and chemistry-related professional programs. They also educate science and allied health majors in general chemistry, organic chemistry and general physics. The programs are an excellent preparation for careers in allied health fields such as pharmacy and medicine.

A Focused Curriculum

There are three separate degrees offered between the chemistry and biochemistry programs.

There are two cornerstone beliefs that have informed the design of the Bachelor of Science in chemistry. First, we believe that the purpose of a university is to generate new knowledge. Second, we believe that new knowledge in the chemical sciences is only generated in the laboratory through research. Top programs of undergraduate education in chemistry utilize undergraduate research as the vehicle for the preparation of chemistry majors who not only attend highly competitive graduate and professional programs, but also are sought by these programs. The expectation is that the majority of graduates with this degree will attend graduate school in the chemical sciences or closely allied fields.

The Bachelor of Arts major in chemistry should serve the educational needs of those students who are not interested in attending graduate school in chemistry but who may seek a career in the chemical industry, entry into professional school or secondary school teaching. The major requirements are more modest, not requiring as much mathematical rigor as the Bachelor of Science and should be flexible enough to allow students to pursue their interests in the special disciplines of chemistry or other fields.

Breakthroughs in the field of biochemistry have energized and revolutionized the fields of medicine and biotechnology and have transformed the study of biology and chemistry over the past 30 years. At High Point University, we are excited to offer a B.S. in biochemistry with the goal of preparing graduates for competitive careers in this burgeoning interdisciplinary domain. The study of biochemistry requires a student to be well-versed in a variety of disciplines, including math, physics, biology and chemistry. While the curriculum prescribes a demanding level of rigor and breadth, it also affords students the opportunity to tailor their choice of upperlevel courses in biology according to their specific interests.

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