David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences

Minor in Chemistry

Requirements for a minor in Chemistry (23 credits):

  • CHM 1010. General Chemistry I (3) or
    CHM 1510. General Chemistry I, Honors and Majors (3)
  • CHM 1011. General Chemistry I, Laboratory (1) or
    CHM 1511. General Chemistry I Laboratory, Honors and Majors (1)
  • CHM 1020. General Chemistry II (3) or
    CHM 1520. General Chemistry II, Honors and Majors (3)
  • CHM 1021. General Chemistry II Laboratory (1) or
    CHM 1521. General Chemistry II Laboratory, Honors and Majors (1)
  • CHM 2510. Organic Chemistry I (3)
  • CHM 2011. Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (1) or
    CHM 2511. Organic Chemistry I Laboratory, Majors (1)
  • CHM 2520. Organic Chemistry II (3)
  • CHM 2021. Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (1) or
    CHM 2521. Organic Chemistry II Laboratory, Majors (1)
  • CHM 3030. Quantitative Analysis (4)
  • One additional 3-credit chemistry elective at the 3000-level or higher. NOTE: Neither BCH 3320 nor CHM 4500 will fulfill this requirement.

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