Chemistry & Physics Faculty and Staff

Chemistry Faculty

  • Dr. Brian Augustine –
    B.A. Chemistry: SUNY Geneseo (NY), Ph.D. Chemistry: University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
    Professor of Chemistry and Chair
    312 Congdon Hall
    (336) 841-9405

    Interests: Materials Chemistry, Polymer Surface Science, Micro and Nanofabrication

  • Dr. Christopher Behme –
    B.S. Chemistry: Saginaw Valley State University (MI), Ph.D. Chemistry: University of Wisconsin – Madison
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    339 Congdon Hall
    (336) 841-9539

    Interests: Organic Synthesis, Fluorescent Compounds, Medicinal Chemistry

  • Dr. Christopher Fowler –
    B.S. Chemistry: Kalamazoo College, Ph.D. Chemistry: University of Texas
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    341 Congdon Hall
    (336) 841-9071

    Interests: Inorganic Chemistry

  • Dr. Edgar Jaynes –
    B.S. Chemistry: West Virginia Univ., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
    Adjunct faculty
    363 Congdon Hall
    (336) 841-9454

    Interests: Organic

  • Dr. Todd Knippenberg –
    B.S. Chemistry: Georgia Southern University, Ph.D. Chemistry: Clemson University
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    342 Congdon Hall
    (336) 841-9531

    Interests: Computational Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

  • Dr. Elizabeth McCorquodale –
    B.S. Chemistry: High Point University, Ph.D. Chemistry: Wake Forest University
    Associate Professor of Chemistry
    340 Congdon Hall
    (336) 841-4593

    Interests: Analytical Chemistry, Capillary Electrophoresis

  • Dr. Heather Miller –
    B.S. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. Molecular Genetics: Duke University
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    338 Congdon Hall
    (336) 841-9537

    Interests: RNA, alternative splicing

  • Ms. Megan Perry –
    B.S. Chemstry: High Point University (NC)
    Lab Manager / Safety Officer
    352 Congdon Hall
    (336) 841-1267