Freshmen, returning students – start out on the right foot

By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor

August 18, 2012

To all of our incoming freshmen: Welcome, welcome, welcome! There is so much that lies ahead of you as you become a member of the High Point University family.

Leaving home and starting anew is not easy; with transition comes excitement, anticipation and rickety nerves. As you set out to begin these next four years, you must know you are not alone in your experiences and feelings. There will be times when you feel homesick and days when the pressure of college life seems too much to handle.

Before you step into school mode, you need to program your mind. Set your mentality to a positive one, and tell yourself that no matter what comes your way throughout these first few weeks, you will emerge victorious. It’s impossible to lose when your mind has already won.

You are just beginning what is often referred to as the greatest years of your life. You are the only one with the power to make that true for yourself. Get ahead by coming mentally prepared.  Once the mind is set, the body will do the rest.

I’ll offer one more piece of advice: Read the Campus Chronicle! We publish a new issue two times each month with news that is important to you. We also want you to contribute – news stories, personal columns, letters to the editor and more. This is your student newspaper, so use it! To the left, you will find guidelines regarding letters to the editor submissions. Below, you will find our publishing dates for the fall semester.

Let’s start off on the right foot. Go ahead and put it forward!