What’s new in and around campus

By Melia Sigmon, Photographer

August 18, 2012

It’s a new school year! Welcome back to HPU and a new beginning for the freshmen class. Everyone is flooding into campus with their new clothes, new school supplies, and new-school-year’s resolutions that will hopefully endure throughout the year. With Dr.Nido Qubein’s vision of expansion, High Point University has some new features to unveil, from new buildings and staff members to the Cafe’s new interior. For returning students, you’ll notice that the University Center has had some stellar modifications done and the Ropes Course has additional options.

“Starbucks is one of the most popular hospitality locations on campus. With the addition of residential communities located close to the UC, having a coffee option in the University Center made sense,” said Roger Clodfelter, vice president of the Office of Communication.

Whether students’ stay up for late-night cram sessions or recreational purposes, a little boost of caffeine from Starbucks is great for keeping them going throughout the day.

All in all, it took six months to complete the planning and construction of the new Starbucks. For those who like regularity, have no fear! The UC Starbucks will offer the exact same products as the Slane location.

Returning students will also notice the revamped C-Store in the UC. It took HPU five months to plan and construct. Last year, Belk and Blessing students loved the addition of the soda and milkshake machines to C-Store 2. This year, students will be thrilled to find out that similar additions have been made. An Icee machine and a F’Real machine will be added to C-Store 1 this August. High Point University strives to provide eating options for those with special dietary needs. Gluten-free products such as Oatmeal, Amy’s Frozen Dinners, and Annie Chun’s Soup Bowls will be offered.

There was a lot of much-deserved fanfare over the opening of the new Ropes Course back in fall 2011. One of the latest developments in the Ropes Course is the opening of a new rock wall. The idea came from the Recreation Department. They wanted to provide an opportunity for students to have fun, exercise and have a little adventure. It took them a lot of planning, but as far as actually building it, construction took about two weeks.

“The wall looks and feels like a real rock,” said Will Rickman, coordinator of Recreation Services. It has different levels of difficulty for some of those who aren’t strangers to the art of rock climbing. It’s 35 feet tall and has 5 routes you can test your skills on. Five people can climb at the same time, so feel free to race your friends to the top! If you’re afraid of heights but willing to try it, you’re in good hands. Rock wall guides have to go through a week-long training course and pass a final test before they can belay other students.

On a side note, the ropes course has also added a mountain bike trail, so adventurists can bike while waiting to climb the rock wall or conquer the low and high ropes courses.