We missed you, NFL

By Kevin Russell, Sports Editor

September 5, 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and no I’m not talking about the holidays.  I’m talking about the beginning of a new season in the National Football League.

I realize that preseason games started more than a month ago and training camps started back in July, but as Allen Iverson once said, “We talking about practice.”

All that really matters and the date that’s been stuck in everyone’s mind, since the Giants defeated the Patriots in last years’ Super Bowl, is the first Sunday after Labor Day. This is when the games count, the trash talking begins and in terms of my own sanity the Jets hopefully score a touchdown.

As a college student what tops sitting on your couch with a cold beverage for seven straight hours (ten if you’re lucky) and watching some of your favorite players and teams battle for 60 minutes.  In my estimation there is nothing better, other than maybe the birth of a child, although Jets’ CB Antonio Cromartie (father of 12 children) will probably choose to disagree.

What makes football, especially the NFL, so great and unique for the fans, is that unlike other sports each game means so much. Players and teams cannot afford to take a week or night off because taking a break for even one play during a course of a game can cost them dearly. Then again there’s always Tim Tebow, who only seems to have to show up in the fourth quarter.

Football is in its own world because there isn’t a game on TV every day and fans don’t seem to mind.  Football is the perfect sport for college students because the games are played on weekends when students are already hanging with friends and looking for things to do.

The NFL has taken over as the new sport of choice for college students because they no longer have time in busy lives to watch 162 three-hour-long baseball games or 82 three-hour-long basketball games.

Students are in class for 20 hours or more each week and have jobs as well homework to complete. Why bother using your energy to stay up untill 11 p.m. five days a week, only to watch your favorite baseball team play a game that probably will not matter?

With the NFL, you know nearly every game on the schedule will matter every Sunday.  Sure there might be one or two games that have no implications, but sometimes even those games can end up being extremely entertaining.  Who can forget the bird bowl last year between the Cardinals and Seahawks during week 17 that went into overtime.

As fans and students we don’t have time to waste in our busy schedules, so knowing every Sunday that you can watch a meaningful game is a huge plus and is something that only the NFL can seem to offer.

The season that will kick off tonight, has been one of the most hyped in recent memory.  With Peyton Manning changing altitudes and Tim Tebow “so excited” to move to New York, we should be in for one heck of a season.

Then again when was the last time there was a bad season of NFL football.  Sure maybe the team you follow has had a few bad years, but in actuality every season, that I can remember, has been entertaining and filled with drama both on and off the field.

At HPU, we are spoiled with the availability of games, as The Point broadcasts every game via NFL Sunday Ticket.