Gym Class Heroes perform on the Roberts Hall lawn

By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor

September 19, 2012

Saturday night was a whirlwind of music, dancing and fun. The Gym Class Heroes rocked the stage as students gathered on Roberts Hall lawn to watch.

The concert started at 8 p.m., but by 9:30 p.m. the Gym Class Heroes had taken the stage. Hundreds of students came out to see the concert and very few left disappointed.

The song line-up was a pretty equal mix between their chart topping songs such as “Fighter” and “I want to be a Billionaire,” along with some older and less known ones. Students were given a variety of fast and slow songs to listen to as well. The Gym Class Heroes seem to cater to every student’s song wishes when going to see them.

“It was nice because I got to dance around to the songs I already knew, but I was also introduced to some of their old songs I had never heard of before,” said Summer Glick, junior.

Having the venue outside proved to be a better choice than having it inside. The past two campus concerts were moved inside due to weather issues. While this didn’t make the past concerts any less enjoyable, one could notice a clear difference in the venues.

“I liked having the concert at Roberts Hall instead of inside Millis or Slane. There was more room and the atmosphere felt more relaxed,” said Taylor Sheetz, sophomore.

The concert could be heard virtually across campus, which added a little bit of life to the usually quiet campus. Students didn’t have to be right next to the stage, or inside the building to enjoy the music, people walking around campus could experience it as well.

This gave those who were unsure about attending the concert a chance to see what is was like without dedicating their night to going. After hearing the music outside they could make the decision wether to go or not.

However, from the turnout of Saturday night, it looked like most made the decision to go.

The Gym Class Heroes proved to be a great selection for the 2012 fall concert. From their catchy music and diverse song choices, to the outside venue and large crowd, it was hard not to have fun while watching.