Secondhand News: A gift to yourself

By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor

September 19, 2012

As a senior this year, I often think about the future.  I think about how I can’t wait to get a “real job” and make “real money” in this thing I’ll be entering called the “real world.” While I dream about the great possibilities of a future career and the life beyond school that I am all too ready to begin, I have to stop myself and take a good look around.

This is it. These last, couple months of the 2012-2013 school year, are the end of an era for me.  Being a student has defined me for the past 21 years—I know no different life.  Adults have always told me to enjoy this time, the college years, for they are the greatest years of one’s life.  As in most every situation, I don’t think this is a concept that we, as students, will fully grasp until we are thrown beyond the High Point University bubble and into the claws of the real world.

In moments when I catch myself wishing time away, I look around at the beautiful fountains that I pass on every stroll through campus, or stop to realize that yes, I’m lounging by a pool on my class-free Friday; it’s in a moment in the steakhouse or a walk from the Greek Village to Centennial, that I realize I will never again be in a place like this.

If there is a day not to make light of, it is a day as an HPU student. Each one should be cherished for the opportunities it brings, the people with whom we encounter, and the possibility of success that it instills in our very being.

Each day if a gift; a gift from God because we merely woke up, a gift from our parents for allowing us to wake up in an HPU dorm and a gift from our teachers who give us a reason to be here at all. But most importantly, is that each day is a gift from yourself—shall you choose to make it one. It is by you alone that every day can be fully taken advantage of, and that each moment can be interpreted for the best.