Talented Chin sisters bring strong bond to HPU volleyball

By Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writer

September 19, 2012

Annemarie and Wavie Chin have been together their whole lives.

Both wanted to play collegiate volleyball at the Div. 1 level and both wanted a school that was a perfect fit for them. When it came time to make their college decisions, both were unsure if these desires would separate them for the first time in their lives.

Head volleyball coach Jason Oliver first noticed the girls at an AAU tournament in Orlando, Fla. He was scouting another girl at this tournament when he noticed the twins on the opposing team.

“What I saw from them as 16 year olds was amazing,” Coach Oliver said. “We offered them both a position on the team when they came for their visit.”

Coach Oliver believes that they’re better together than apart. It took Wavie three long months to recognize that, but, in the end, both are happy with their decisions.

Annemarie immediately knew HPU was a perfect fit for her. The minute she left campus she wanted to commit.

Ultimately, Annemaire committed two weeks after her visit. She loved the team, as well as Coach Oliver’s passion , so it was an easy decision.

Wavie,  however, wasn’t so sure. She visited with Annemarie and, unlike her sister, was not sure if she wanted to come to HPU. She explored other options even after Annemarie committed.

There were three months in between Annemarie’s and Wavie’s decisions that were extremely tough for the sisters.  Wavie loved the school and the team, but decided to keep her options open.

There were times when Annemarie would get sad because she was unsure if Wavie would come to HPU. Having been together their whole lives, the thought of going to college without each other seemed wrong.

“I didn’t pressure her at all, but I did tell her that it would mean the world to me if she came and played and we got to spend more time together,” said Annemarie. “I was more than happy that she made the decision to come to HPU.”

There was a period of time where Wavie believed that they should go to separate schools in order to grow up and become more independent.

“I didn’t want to go to the same college as her, but I realized we’re such a big part of each other’s lives that I don’t know why I wouldn’t want to stay with her,” said Wavie.

HPU was a great fit for Wavie and she realized having her sister at school and on the court would be a privilege. She had never played a volleyball match without Annemarie in her life.

“She not only makes me a better player, but she makes me a better person,” said Wavie.