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Men’s Soccer adds a new face to...

Men’s Soccer adds a new face to the sideline this season
By Nolan Stout, Staff Writer September 5, 2012 Winning mentality is an understatement. As a new addition to the coaching staff, assistant coach Kelly Altman brings all kinds of experience to the High Point University men’s soccer team. Head Coach Dustin Fonder believes that Altman’s experience in big games will help the team greatly. Who coul [...]

Does one mistake erase a lifetime of ...

Staff Editorial September 5, 2012 With the announcement of Steve Wozniak as the commencement speaker for High Point University’s class of 2013, it makes one reflect on other speakers that have visited HPU. Each one has left their mark, and there are certain items on display around the campus to help students remember each one. At The Point fo [...]

Secondhand News: Recharging the Mind

Secondhand News: Recharging the Mind
By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor September 5, 2012 Starting a new school year means diving headfirst into new responsibilities.  With summer fresh on our heels, it’s no easy task to switch into school mode.  Whether we want to or not, we will quickly find ourselves bombarded by assignments, conditioning practices, important meetings and other [...]

Students should give back to others t...

Students should give back to others through blood drives
By Chelsea Sherwood, Staff Writer September 15, 2012 High Point University will be hosting a blood drive on Sept. 11 in the gym of the Slane Center to help contribute to the High Point community. This event is especially important due to the often over-looked realization that although we all have mutual features in common, blood type is somet [...]

Commuter students need meal plan opti...

By Chelsie Gastright, Organizations Editor September 5, 2012 I love the food options that High Point University has to offer. The locations range from Subway to the 1924 Prime Steakhouse. Last year, I had seven meals a week with $350 dining dollars, and it was more than enough for me to eat at all my favorite places in that week. This year, h [...]

Gym Class Heroes performing at the 20...

Gym Class Heroes performing at the 2012 Fall Concert
By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor September 5, 2012 Gym Class Heroes was announced to perform at the 2012 Fall Concert. They will perform on High Point University’s campus on Sept. 15. Gym Class Heroes is known for their unique sound by incorporating rap, rock, and hip-hop into their music. Forming in 1997 and releasing their first album in 2 [...]

Business and Baseball – two mus...

Business and Baseball – two must-read books
By Anne Davey, Staff Writer September 5, 2012 “No B.S Business Success in the New Economy” By Dan S. Kennedy Dan Kennedy is hailed by the business community as one of the foremost business experts of our time. As a seasoned novelist, multi-millionaire entrepreneur, accomplished teacher and leader in the business world, his book offers powerfu [...]

The Hunger Games book vs. movie ̵...

The Hunger Games book vs. movie – which is better?
By Mayeesa Mitchell, Staff Writer September 5, 2012 What does The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Notebook, Twilight, Holes, and The Help all have in common? Originally, they were books before Hollywood turned them into blockbuster hits. For book lovers, these adaptations can be both a blessing and a curse. They either create a perfect visual [...]

Albums you might not know, but are wo...

Albums you might not know, but are worth the listen
By Nolan Stout, Staff Writer September 5, 2012 The Way It Was (2011) Parachute Reaching #19 on the Billboard 200 chart in 2011, this album carries just enough elements of pop, rock, hip-hop, and jazz to warrant a listen. This second studio album for Parachute may only have nine songs, but each song is special in its own way. Opening the album [...]

Politics Club excites students about ...

Politics Club excites students about upcoming election and HPU voting drives
By Anne Davey, Staff Writer September 5, 2012 Politics has always had a polar reputation; it is certainly not the topic most easily agreed upon or the one most frequently chosen at family dinners, but in 2012, the topic is unavoidable. This year is an election year, a vital time for our nation, and it is easy to be swept up into the Republica [...]