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HPU Poll – Documenting,analyzin...

By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor October 3, 2012 High Point University has been widely recognized for conducting student-run polls over the past three years. Surveying North Carolina residents about a variety of topic such as healthcare, gas prices, the economy, and more, the HPU Poll has uncovered useful information that has benefited both [...]

May terms added to study abroad

heidi fisher 1
By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor October 3, 2012 As many as 17 May terms will be offered to High Point University students starting in 2013. This is a large jump from the mere six courses that were offered in 2012. Heidi Fischer, the director of study abroad at HPU said, “We hope that by adding more options and making it more appealing for s [...]

Doctoral Programs allow academics to ...

Doctoral Programs allow academics to branch out
By Alex Nelson, Staff Writer October 3, 2012 The first doctoral program in educational leadership at High Point University already has 24 students enrolled, enabling the university to become more prestigious academically. Last December, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools approved HPU to become a doctoral granting institution as [...]

Voters should focus on foreign policy...

Voters should focus on foreign policy in 2012 election
By Anne Davey, Staff Writer October 3, 2012 Four years. 314 million citizens. 240 million voters. 50 states and one federal District. 538 Electoral College votes. This… is the 2012 United States Presidential Election. The stage is now set for the 57th American Presidential Election, which takes place on Nov. 6. The U.S. has been a key p [...]

Dinner bell rings at the Farmers Mark...

Dinner bell rings at the Farmers Market
By Emily Fariss, Staff Writer October 3, 2012 Officials at the Farmers Market at HPU say that they are experiencing success with its extended hours.  However, students seem to prefer the lunch hours. Due to popular demand, the Farmers Market made a decision to prolong its hours this year from 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.  This was because of the immen [...]

Men’s soccer continues to climb in na...

Men’s soccer continues to climb in national polls
By Andrew Schleicher and Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writers October 3, 2012 Rankings are an important part of collegiate sports, especially at the Division 1 level. National rankings have an important impact, not only the teams being ranked, but also on the universities as a whole. Rankings can take a little-known college or university and thrust [...]

Chase Wilson shoots his way toward a ...

Chase Wilson shoots his way toward a career on the PGA Tour
By Kevin Russell, Sports Editor October 3, 2012 As most college athletes have come to find out, unless you are a member of the basketball or football team it is very hard to gain proper recognition. While media outlets provide an immense amount of coverage for college basketball and football they tend to forget about many of the less popular [...]

Alcohol awareness proves more importa...

Alcohol awareness proves more important than ever
Staff Editorial October 3, 2012 Drinking and alcohol are a part of almost every college campus, but it’s up to each individual student to accept responsibility for their wellbeing and prepare to avoid the dangers alcohol can cause. According to statistics found on, in 2009 approximately 1,825 college students age [...]

Secondhand News: It’s your futu...

Secondhand News: It’s your future, so act like it!
By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor October 3, 2012 With the upcoming election fast approaching, we often hear how important it is to become informed on the presidential candidates and issues at hand. As college students, now eligible to vote, we also hear how critical it is to exercise this privilege. Although I’ve always known that I would exe [...]

Student voters go head to head on can...

Student voters go head to head on candidates, Mitt Romney
By Elaine Cornwall and Matt Jakubowski, Staff Writers October 3, 2012 Elaine: As Election Day nears, college students try to determine which candidate will best represent their values and beliefs. For students, this is a monumental election. This is the first election where undergraduates can vote; however, many students do not know who to vo [...]