A guide to Halloween costumes – What will you be?

By Brailey Lisath, Staff Writer

October 3, 2012

As October begins, the promise of sweater weather, seasonal drinks at Starbucks and fall break aren’t the only thoughts in Panther minds.

What IS buzzing on campus you ask? Students can’t stop thinking about October Fest, Haunted Houses and the very strategic planning of Halloween costumes.

Deciding on a costume is an annual task that has challenged us since our first trick or treat. Embarking on the journey is never easy; with so many options, how do you choose?

The best way to narrow it down is to start with research. There are endless websites dedicated to providing a range of ideas for costumes every year. To my fellow pinners out there, and those who have yet to convert—Pinterest is your best friend! Not only is it a tool for inspiration, you can also find step-by-step instructions to create custom costumes if you don’t have the time or money to go shopping.

Once you’ve researched ideas, choose a specific category to focus on and further narrow your search. Do you want something creepy, creative or classic? Do you want to be a superhero, a public figure or a movie character? Knowing what you’re looking for makes it much easier to find the right costume. Find your niche! The best costumes are often ones that suit the person wearing them; they will register easily and clearly amongst your friends.

Lastly, execute! Sometimes it can be better to create your costume as opposed to buying it. This is something to consider especially when you’re aiming for originality. Homemade costumes have the potential to be the most clever, but also the trickiest to execute. No matter if your costume is store bought or homemade, make it memorable! Again, the best costumes are those that reflect your personality.

A great way to put a twist on a creepy costume is to mix it with something different. This year, consider turning your celebrity of choice into a zombie, like Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson. For the most effective results, buying separate pieces to complete your costume is the best way to go.

If you’re looking to stay classic, you can never go wrong with a good superhero costume. However, it can be difficult to make it memorable. To change that, round up a group of your friends to coordinate. The Avengers’ costumes are a great way to achieve this effect. A superhero/villain combination works just as well, such as Batman-Bane, an anticipated combination for 2012. It’s nearly always a good idea to buy the complete costume for a superhero.

It couldn’t be a better year of inspiration for public figure costumes. Throwing on a shirt and tie and a Mitt Romney or President Obama mask couldn’t be more appropriate this Halloween. Get some of your friends to be secret service to make it really stand out. You could even take your pick of this year’s Olympians to portray. Depending on whom you choose, homemade or store-bought items are at your discretion.

Wanting to get more creative to REALLY stand out?  Try creating products or ideas yourself. Ladies, turn a tube-top dress into a soda can or a type of candy. Take a box and create a Facebook profile with your face in the picture slot. Don’t be afraid to use a play on words, or a pun as inspiration.

Don’t forget that you can showcase your costumes in the contest hosted by the Campus Activities Team during Halloween festivities on campus! Use these tips to guide you in your search, and find a costume that fits you personally. Happy hunting!