Dinner bell rings at the Farmers Market

By Emily Fariss, Staff Writer

October 3, 2012

Officials at the Farmers Market at HPU say that they are experiencing success with its extended hours.  However, students seem to prefer the lunch hours.

Due to popular demand, the Farmers Market made a decision to prolong its hours this year from 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.  This was because of the immense popularity from their fresh, local and organic foods.  The Farmers Market was a new addition to dining locations on campus last year, which ended up receiving a lot of business and quickly became the most popular place to eat lunch.

Students enjoy the Farmers Market because of its fresh, healthy food and enjoyable atmosphere.

Shelley York, a sophomore at HPU says, “The variety is great and delicious, it almost makes me forget that I am actually eating healthy food.”

“Knowing how successful the Farmers Market was last year, we knew it would be a good business decision, as well as popular with our students too,” said Peter Mandala, who oversees the Aramark campus locations. “So far the counts have been strong, but not as much as the lunch business.”

It is clear that the location is just as popular this year at the lunch hour as it was last year, creating one question in the minds of the customers. Are the extended hours worth it?

According to an online poll, 60 percent of students prefer to eat at the Farmers Market during the lunch hours, and rarely eat there for dinner. The main reason for this opposition is the menu. There is only a slight menu change, causing students to be discouraged from eating dinner at the Farmers Market.

Brianne Conley, a junior, would like to see some hot food, like pasta, or a make your own sandwich station during dinner.

Although a new sandwich is available, the core menu remains the same. Mandala explains the reasons for this are: the popularity of the menu as well as the reasoning behind why students love to eat at the Farmers Market. If there was a drastic change, students might not be as compelled to eat there.

Mandala was open to suggestions and states, “We always have an open mind when looking ahead to the future, so who knows what may happen as the campus population continues to grow.”

For more information on the Farmers Market, email farmersmarket@highpoint.edu or call 336-841-9464.