IRC promotes alcohol awareness week through “mocktail” hours, silent rave and more

By Whitney Yount, Online Editor

October 3, 2012


Last week, the Office of Student Life hosted its annual Alcohol Awareness week. For four days, the members of Student Life and the IRC held events to spread knowledge and encourage good decision-making among the students of High Point University.

On Monday and Wednesday, the University Center philanthropy tables were filled with non-alcoholic drinks and information for students about alcohol use in college.  This “mocktail” hour has become a popular annual event, and students continue to enjoy the experience.

“The mocktails were delicious,” said freshman Nicole Clark. “The whole week is a good idea to help people be aware of the dangers of alcohol.”

The week kicked off with an even bigger bang Monday night, as HPU held its first Silent Rave on the newly renovated Slane Patio. The rave was hosted by not only Student Life and the IRC, but also the founding fathers of the new fraternity on campus, Beta Theta Pi. When students arrived at the event, they were given glowsticks, neon bracelets and glasses, and headphones. The headphones where provided by an outside company (Silent Events) and could be tuned to two different stations, so that students could choose which of the two DJs they wanted to listen to while they danced under the neon lights.

“The IRC Silent Rave was one of the events that put emphasis on [the fact that] drinking isn’t a necessity to having a good time, that a really cool idea is still cool, even sober,” said Kellianne Davis, the president of IRC. “The different events that we had this week emphasized that while some people feel you have to drink in order to have a good time, it is not necessary the case, and sometimes drinking can have negative effects.

Another popular event during this year’s alcohol awareness week was the drunk driving simulation, which was held on Tuesday near York Residence Hall and the Point Place Apartments.

“The simulation was really interesting, and it helps [students] realize how difficult and unsafe it is to drive under the influence,” said freshman Emily Brown.

Davis, who is also an assistant resident director for the Office of Student Life, said that the simulation really emphasized the importance of not getting behind the wheel after drinking. “You can’t handle it as well as you think you can,” she said.

Overall, Davis said that the week was a success. It brought attention to the issue of drinking on campus in a fun way, and it helped students to get involved with the IRC. Next year’s event is sure to be even better and will hopefully continue to spread a positive message about alcohol use.