Student voters go head to head on candidates, Mitt Romney

By Elaine Cornwall and Matt Jakubowski, Staff Writers

October 3, 2012

Elaine: As Election Day nears, college students try to determine which candidate will best represent their values and beliefs. For students, this is a monumental election. This is the first election where undergraduates can vote; however, many students do not know who to vote for because every time they turn on the television, they see slandering campaign ads.

“I don’t know who I’m voting for. I am an uninformed voter who needs to learn about both candidates before I can make an informed decision,” said freshman Erin Monahan.

Students often obtain their facts from biased commercials. Many students also get their ideas of who to vote for from their parents. It is time for students to take action in this election and become educated on major issues, such as the economy and foreign policies.

Many students do not pay attention to issues such as the economy or foreign policies because these matters do not play a major role in their every day lives. College students focus more on the hot button issues known as social policies. These policies are going to make or break the 2012 election.

In a modernizing world, President Obama’s social issues go with the ever-changing views of Americans. He wants change in the world and guarantees acceptance for everyone living in America. Obama wants to make America a tolerant nation for all walks of life, while Romney preaches biblical and traditional conservative ways. Also, Obama views women’s rights as a very important issue. He wants women to make their own decisions when it comes to their health. He believes that women have the right to make personal choices, and that the government should not infringe on these decisions.

As a woman, Romney’s social issues cause alarm. In an age where birth control is part of a normal daily routine, women do not want to risk having this commodity taken away from them. Romney is stuck in the past, and he is afraid to move forward. No one should tell women whether they can or cannot take birth control or have open options when dealing with a pregnancy.

With the growing number of gays and lesbians in America, Obama wants tolerance and equality for them. When dealing with love, a president should not be allowed to tell  someone they can or cannot get married because of his or her sex. In our modern society, marriage is no longer solely between a man and a woman. It is important to accept these changing views. Romney uses his religion to go against the practice of gay marriage; however, the church should not influence politics.

“His (Obama’s) social issues are important to me. I have two gay sisters and I live in a house with many girls. I’m voting for him even though I disagree with his fiscal policies,” said freshman Elizabeth Burns. “I just can’t accept Romney’s social policies.”

Matt: For college students, election season seems foolish and overwhelming with the influx of television ads, yard signs and annoying phone calls. I’m afraid that many members of our generation do not care who wins. No matter who the victor is, they do not predict any changes in our lives. This year, however, we must feel differently. Our generation should be the most likely to go to the ballot box in an effort to elect leadership interested in building a strong economy.

Four years ago, a young, charismatic leader was introduced to America. He had whit and swag and convinced a majority of Americans he was the man to fix their country’s economic woes.

Four years later, we have come to realize Barack Obama is no more than a laundry list of empty promises. Instead of living up to his promises to cut the deficit in half and keep unemployment low, he has spent our nation into a greater than $16 trillion hole and unemployment still hangs above eight percent. If those numbers do not frighten you, then the fact that nearly 50 percent of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed should.

To strengthen this nation and economy, we are in desperate need of a leader who understands the economy and job creation. We need to elect Mitt Romney. Gov. Romney is a man who has a track record of success in business; he is a man who has a track record of balancing budgets and bettering economic conditions in Massachusetts.

While Obama tours the nation pointing fingers at businesses and job creators, Romney discusses plans to better the business climate, allowing growth to strengthen America’s middle class.

Over the next few weeks, the Obama team will send out numerous attack ads portraying Romney as a selfish corporate tycoon. Although this fits well into the Obama plan to divide and conquer, it is not factual and a poor effort to diminish Romney’s successful business record.

Success should not be a con when it comes to voting for a president. In fact, we should take pride in a man like Romney and his wealth. Not only did he succeed in the business world, but he also has the heart and compassion we expect in a president.

This past year, the Romney family donated 30 percent of their income to charitable causes. Contrary to Obama’s claims, Romney is a good man and possesses all the qualities necessary to be a successful and effective leader.

College is no cheap investment. As young people, we take a risk to attend high cost institutions and we hope, pray and work hard to make sure our education pays off with a job come graduation. High Point University students are paying their dues and it is time we have a leader who is determined to improve the economy instead of a president who plans to tax and spend our nation to disaster.

Let us band together as educated and motivated college students and support a man who is ready to roll up his sleeves and go to work for America’s youth. Let us fill out our ballots in support of a man who will create jobs and improve the economy for our generation. Let us vote for Romney this November.