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A guide to Halloween costumes –...

A guide to Halloween costumes – What will you be?
By Brailey Lisath, Staff Writer October 3, 2012 As October begins, the promise of sweater weather, seasonal drinks at Starbucks and fall break aren’t the only thoughts in Panther minds. What IS buzzing on campus you ask? Students can’t stop thinking about October Fest, Haunted Houses and the very strategic planning of Halloween costumes. Deci [...]

A closer look at those in the spotlig...

By Nolan Stout, Staff Writer October 3, 2012  As you walk into The Café and swipe your Passport, you casually glance towards the far corner and see musicians playing cover songs. For many of us, they’ve always been there. Just a little something added to the daily lunch experience that we take for granted. However, the soothing background the [...]

Behind the music – DJ Nico1

By Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writer October 3, 2012 “I relate DJing and House music to everything possible.” These were words spoken by Nico Higgins, or better known as DJ Nico1, a junior at High Point University. When he isn’t at class, or just hanging out, Higgins is searching for songs to mix. When he finds the right ones, he promptly blasts t [...]

‘No Easy Day’ book review

‘No Easy Day’ book review
By Pat Budd, Staff Writer October 3, 2012 May 2, 2011. It’s one of those days where you can look back and say, “I remember exactly where I was when this happened.” “Bin Laden, DEAD.” Read the Fox News ticker. It was one of the happiest moments in my life. So when a retired Navy SEAL, who was on the mission that killed the most wanted man in t [...]

IRC promotes alcohol awareness week t...

By Whitney Yount, Online Editor October 3, 2012   Last week, the Office of Student Life hosted its annual Alcohol Awareness week. For four days, the members of Student Life and the IRC held events to spread knowledge and encourage good decision-making among the students of High Point University. On Monday and Wednesday, the University Ce [...]

Art Club getting involved in election...

art club 2
By Brittany Muldoon, Staff Writer October 3, 2012 With the presidential election coming up in November, everyone is looking for ways to get involved in the world of politics. While some people are perfectly content with simply researching the candidates and their agendas, others prefer to engage in creative interpretation of the issues. High [...]

Zeta Phi Beta hosting cookout and pow...

ZPB flyer
By Savannah Simons, Staff Writer October 3, 2012 The month of October is nationally recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in order to promote awareness of breast cancer and the hardships it brings to many families across the nation. Hints of pink will be sported around campuses, in retail stores and even on jerseys of players within the [...]