Rent the Runway brings high end fashion to the closets of HPU students

By Brailey Lisath, Staff Writer

November 9, 2012

Ladies: you know we all do it. We look at designer clothes, way out of our price range, wishing they would magically appear in our closets. We insist on buying specific outfits for events, only to hang them in our closest, never to be worn again. We search for memorable outfits at the lowest prices; however, a lot of the time, we come up short. There is now an organization on campus that is intended to serve girls like us by allowing us to “rent the runway.”

Rent the Runway is a new organization that was in the workings last year, but has come back full-force this fall. It is a campus team of “runway reps,” representing the clothing website The website offers designer dresses for all shapes and sizes, ready to rent for a four-day period.

By using their services, you pay a fraction of the price of retail to wear the dress of your dreams. It has many convenient features, such as “Our Runway,” which allows you to search your body type and age to see how a dress looks on someone similar to you, stylistic suggestions, and the option to rent two different sizes with no extra charge.

The organization itself is currently made up of 13 members: three Greek liaisons, a director of social media, event planners, a marketing team and monthly bloggers. The existing members encourage freshmen to apply to join the organization. In addition to their hopes of recruitment, they are also looking to appoint another director of social media.

By becoming a part of the Rent the Runway team, you may get the opportunity to attend a capstone weekend during March in New York City. Being able to attend presentations from Rent the Runway sponsors and featured designers is something the campus organization is striving towards.

“It’s really great marketing practice,” said Alicia Doyle, the team manager, in regards to being a runway rep.

If you’re planning to rush, Rent the Runway can be really valuable. During rush week, there are multiple events in which you need to be in a nicer dress. You want to stand out. A great way to catch people’s eye right off the bat is to wear something special.

In association with the Rent the Runway team on campus is the It Girl program. For a one time flat fee of $49 on the website, you can keep your dresses for an entire month with no shipping fee.

“You get huge savings through the It Girl program in the long run,” said Savannah Simons, a co-Greek liaison, about the benefits of the program.

If you join the It Girl program here on campus, you get to choose your “Fave Five” from the hearted dresses online and it is guaranteed that at least your top choice gets sent to the runway reps. A “Closet Premiere Party” with drinks, appetizers, conversation, and the chance to try on the clothes will be hosted for the It Girls once the inventory is shipped.

The Rent the Runway team will be hosting a trunk show on campus on Nov. 29. There will be a selection of dresses available for rent for $30, as well as jewelry rentals.


You can find them on Facebook at or on Twitter at @RTRatHPU. You can also check out their main website at